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Group Composition depends on Game Content

Free grouping vs Trinity
Open world vs Instanced PvE
What does Intrepid Studio have in mind to offer the players?

Personally I prefer free composition and to to leave it up to the players to decide what Classes they need in order to form a group and level up.

1) Open world
Obviously a raid boss (big or small) would require one or two tanks to take the hits for the team, and obviously a healer is needed to keep the tank alive.

Some terrains would require a healer to keep the whole groups HP from going to 0 and cleanse trrrain debuffs.

2) Instanced PvE.
There will be some instanced PvE.
Personally I think that it would be best to keep them to a minimum because:
a) The game is all about the effect of player actions on the open world. From Nodes to relationships between player guild, every persons actions have an effect.
b)Instanced content is safeguarded by anything mentioned in a).
There should be minimum avenues where players do content without being exposed danger and risk/reward and gain loot/xp.

In instanced PvE (hopefully it will be hard for the sake of challenge) there should be 1-2 tanks healers bards/support depending on the size of the group.

In different games they have different names and signature weapons.
Their role is to inspire the group and strengthen them.
A few things about the role that breaks the trinity.
a)Some of these classes empower warriors better, some empower mages better. How will the Group Finder system cater to this role?
What if the group is 1 tank 1 healer 2 magic dps and 1 warrior bard? Fail.
b)Is it worth having a bard in your group?
I used to fight with my mates over this.
We were 1 tank 5 warriors/roques 1 healer. They wanted a bard. I wanted another warrior. Why, for the damage he/she would cause to the enemy.

What if we were 12-15 people? Then I'd prefer a bard to enhance the remaining 14 people and amplify the damage they would cause to the enemy.
In Line][Age bards were respected and sought after. Why? Because the groups were 10 or so and the bard buffs made a difference.

Very often some classes are left outside of a group because others can do more.
I think that Intrepid should work hard of providing the environment, the world with challenges/mechanisms that require specific solutions from specific classes. (Cleric cleanse, roque climb, summoner calm a mighty beast blocking the way etc etc)
Give one environment ability to 80% of the classes. Dont give such a tool to the strongest 1v1 classes.
This way, every class has something to bring to the table of the adventure.

6) Conclusion.
I think the best thing that AoC can do to inprove group composition is to

Let the players decide.
Make the players socialize.

I am tired of mmorpgs in which I am parked in the main city and I group up via g.finder with 3 more randoms to form a trinity and rush in silence a 25 min dungeon.


  • unknownsystemerrorunknownsystemerror Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    There is no plan to add a groupfinder. Has been one of their most quoted promises. Group size was said to be balanced for 8, with up to 40 man raids, but we haven't had a quote on that for well over a year.
  • DamoklesDamokles Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Group composition? YOU ONLY NEED 8 BARDS TO GET A JOB DONE! ;)
  • Can u really separate instanced and Open World when OW is tied to PvP?
    "You're seeking for perfection, but your disillusions are leading to destruction.
    You're bleeding for salvation, but you can't see that you are the damnation itself." -Norther
  • DygzDygz Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
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