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Attention Content Creators and Community! You Gotta Check this out!

Beck AltarrBeck Altarr Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
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How would you like to participate in a weekly Creators and Community Round Table?

We've already had one episode as a trial run and it worked out pretty good with Myself, @tavernsidegaming and @Pharazon as the Creators and a chat full of community!

You can see it here!

Concept: Up to 4 other creators would join me in my Discord. I make sure everyone's listed appropriately and each creator would come with at least 1 topic they would like to bring to the table for discussion.

Tangents are allowed and encouraged.

The community can, to a limited degree if they they don't become a common rabble, also join the discord channel to also participate over voice, like a call in show. We would also look at chat for comments and questions.

This show is primarily intended and broadcast over Phoenix Radio where anyone can tune in and listen from anywhere they have internet. I will also stream over twitch most times as well, but the odd show might be reserved for Supporters of Phoenix Radio. Gotta keep some radio stuff special.

Scheduled for at least 1 hour, the show may go as long as 2 hours, maybe 3 if the conversation is really engaging.

Are YOU a content creator? Would you like to get in on this?

Here's the details:

Content Creator - You have a Youtube or Twitch stream, or some other platform you stream on. You operate a fan web site/wiki etc. You have some other form of established content that is creating or archiving content for AoC.

Shows Air Wednesday's at 6pst/9est. This means you would need to be in the Discord 30 minutes prior to make sure everyone can be heard/seen if you have a Cam to share in Discord for the Live twitch portion for my channel. You are all free to host for your own Vods.

If this sounds good so far...

I need to know by Sunday night who would like to be a guest creator. No spots, other than my own, are reserved. I will need to know who you are (community name is good enough, don't need anyone's doxx), where people can find you IE Twitch channel, website etc. and the topic you would like to bring to the table. Spots are limited and I will be trying to have a rotating/variety panel.

This is a radio show first so the visual elements are going to be befitting of a Radio, so no sharing of screens or browser windows.

Contact me here if you want to be in on the next one!

Feel free to post questions about this show concept.

Yes, AoC staff are the ultimate creators and also welcome.
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