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NA | Triton Order | EST PvX | 18+ Casual-Mid Core

Masi0819Masi0819 Member
edited September 2020 in NA Guild Recruitment
Triton Order
Leader: Masi(Me)

[NA] PvX Semi-Hardcore Casual | EST
Fight for dominance, quest for peace, or craft for riches. We accept and support all types of players from PvP to PvE and in between. If you are looking for a casual experience with competitive moments, this is your guild. We may seek dominance through fighting, or dominance through trade, but above all else, we fight for our name. To preserve our morals and the respect for our brand.

Our guild will be prestigious in our elegance and ways of conduct. Never breaking rules, or being disrespectful. A guild with a reputation to remember. Here you can be a highly active player. Or a slower less inactive player(about a hour or so per day minimum) allowing us to accept a broad spectrum of players with different real life responsibilities.

Not only will you learn how to fight and how to win, you will learn teamwork and skills that none other could provide. While our primary focus will be on Ashes of Creation when it releases, other mmos may be used to keep busy until the big day arrives.

While we are a very relaxed guild we ask the following:

You must respect leadership and your peers

Respect the AoC and other MMOs communities.

Stay true to our guild and fight until you have nothing left.

Please join our discord server if you are interested in joining.


  • Von NeilVon Neil Member
    edited September 2020
    Hail Masi, I am Voneil ,and I would like to earn a position in your guild. I have joined the discord server. As of now due to my current work, I would be more of a casual player. Playing about 1-2 hours a day during the week and more during the weekend. This might change by the time AoC is released.

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