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[NA] BlackList | PvX | 16+ | Hardcore / Semi-Hardcore | Alpha 1 & 2 Players

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BlackList Guild Recruitment

"Savage, Not Average"

About Us:
BlackList will be a NA Hardcore to Semi-Hardcore PvX Mercenary and Raiding guild that will also have a small focus on crafting. We have a unique structure to our guild and play it close to the chest by only sharing our intentions with our most trusted members. Join our guild and lets explore the world of Verra together!

BlackList boasts a small and tight core of eager players that are revered in PvP. We want to create a new genuine experience with Ashes of Creation.
Even though we are still potentially 2 years away from launch, we are making diligent efforts now to find the best and most like-minded bandits of Verra. We're looking for serious players that won't mind getting their hands dirty for a little coin.

Don't be a Number, Be a Name:
BlackList will be a very social group of players. Many of our members are working to create content for the game already. We have a growing Discord currently and those of us who are active are gaming together while we discuss future plans and get acquainted with each other's gameplay. If you are looking to be a pillar member of our organization and not just a number to fill a mega guild roster, consider joining our crew!

Our leadership collectively has decades of experience in MMOs and online gaming. We know what it takes to be successful in an MMO and understand that you only get out of a guild what you put into it. With many of us holding a previous leadership role we genuinely want what is best for our people and not what is best for ourselves.

Base Requirements:
1. Time set aside for raids and sieges
2. Able to log 20hrs a week on release
3. Age Requirement of mature 16+
4. Must be fluent in English
5. Socially Active in our Discord Server
6. Microphone Required!

Our Focus:
-We Intend on being a Medium sized Guild (100-150 nominal size)
-Advance our own agenda while working for hire.
-Sharing intel and information to keep the leg up on our adversaries.
-We will own a Guild Keep.
-We will push for either an Economic or Scientific node
-We will work together to collectively Min/Max our Builds and farm BiS.

Always looking for Alpha 1 & 2 players to chill with! We had a handful participate in the most recent NDA test and would love to chat about it and compare notes!
Also, if you're looking to join, or even from another guild for diplomacy, stop in and drop a line.


  • GarmanicusGarmanicus Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Looking for A1 players to join us!
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    Celatious wrote: »
    Hi, question- does your guild plan to hold any internal events? Seems along the lines of what I'm looking for from a glance.

    Come on in and take a look. We do host some game and movie nights here and there!
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