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[NA/OCE] The Forge | 16+ | RPvX-Lite | Social Gaming Community

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Greetings fellow adventures !

We are a new established 2021 Dwarven themed community of gamers interested in playing Ashes of creation and other titles. We pride ourselves in enriching the experience by playing with friends and family. Creating a positive and clean friendly environment for all. We are currently recruiting like minded adventures to help explore the world of Verra and unlock its mystery's.


[What we Offer]

● We cater for the causal and the Hardcore
● Support structure for those in need of help
● Friendly environment to nurture and grow
● Sign up sheets to help find RL Balance
● Organized group content (PvE/PvP)
● Suggestion System to help grow

[Recruitment Ledger]

We at The Forge are currently seeking

● Mature
● PvE / PVP Skilled Experienced Leaders
● Crafter's and merchants!
● Ability to work together
● Active gathers and processors

[Community Goals]

● To grow and take Verra by storm
● Help everyone reach their goals
● Explore and discover the riches untold


Discord -
We hope to see everyone join and share our Adventures. May your forge burn bright and steel remain ever strong.





  • reviewing our recruitment post! Stay tuned! heaps of new people joining also. Come have a chat and check us us out.
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    Enjoying our time in Lost Ark jump in and join the team today!
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