[NA] Unhinged | PVX (w/ focus on E) | Established gaming community readying for Alpha/Beta

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<Unhinged> is an established group of gamers, always welcoming more, that's traversed many games together. To hell with the meta we say.

We're competitive; however, we emphasize people over pixels and love to laugh. We're adults for the most part, though we welcome families. We play hard, we play as a team, and we keep at it 'til we prevail. Simple. Effective. We have many members in Alpha / Beta and would love to include you in those early explorations of the game. Join Discord and wait (im)patiently with us. We look forward to meeting ya!

Getting in touch with us

Find us on the web at: unhinged.gg
... and on Discord at: discord.gg/unhinged
... and tell us about you; apply here!
... or ping me directly on Discord: Grolo

To hell with the meta


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    Time flies! Been a while since we posted this, but we're still here and very active in other games at the moment. :)
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    Many of us ready to go for Alpha 2...
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    Alpha 2 in 2024?! Perfect time to hop in and start chatting with us :)
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