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(EU) Monkey Business | PvP | PvX | Hardcore AND Social | New Guild!

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Monkey Business is a new guild formed by a small group of friends coming from many different backgrounds. Between us you can find the full spectrum, from gamers who have never played MMOs, to veterans of the genre. We have people coming from many different MMOs like WoW, GW2 and Albion Online, as well as world-first FFXIV players.

Our goal is to build a place that fosters excellence and mastery. We aim to be competitive, like hardcore guilds do, without sacrificing the social elements and the personal freedom that make casual and semi-hardcore guilds great.

Other hardcore guilds want you to do what they tell you to do, wear the gear you are told to wear, use the build you are being told to use. You are just a number on a list, a pawn on the board.
In our guild we instead encourage you to use the build that you enjoy playing, and that fits your playstyle the most. Of course, we do set expectations around cooperation and common goals, but other than that, you will have a lot of freedom to take initiative.

Keep in mind that we are a new guild. We don’t have a fancy logo, player banners or a website like older and bigger guilds do. Building a trustful relationship between our members will be our main priority. For us, the most important thing is the people that are part of our group.
Fancy crap is secondary and will come later, eventually.

● Do what others don’t dare to try. Other guilds will force you to play the meta, in this guild we incentivize you to experiment and to break it.
● Speak your mind. Others won’t align with your desires if they don’t know what you want.
● Never hold back from a good fight. No pussies.
● Be a teamplayer. Help your guild mates, always, and don’t be scared of asking for help if you need it. In this guild we are creating a culture based on generosity and solidarity.
● Your character and gear progression won’t be compromised if you dedicate a couple hours a week to mentor the new recruits. Everyone is expected to do so.
● Everybody is welcome to organize events (like raids and group farming) anytime, all we ask is to not do it when other guild activities are planned.
● Don’t sit there waiting for others to involve you. If you want to do something, organize it and ask others to join you.
● Initiative also means trying things out and pushing it to the next level. Trial and error is a core principle in this guild.
● Be respectful to your friends. Occasional friendly banter between guildmates is fine, toxicity will not be tolerated. Avoid drama.
● Be respectful to others, allies and enemies alike. When you are carrying the name of the guild you are expected to represent it and the values it stands for.
● Build trustful relationships and solve problems as a group. This means having maturity, staying open minded and accepting constructive criticism.
● Pushing for the best shouldn’t be an excuse to avoid inclusion of others. No elitism. No gatekeeping.
● We understand that you can’t like everybody, and that you want to play with friends. You should consider admitting other players from time to time anyway. Open groups.

Our objectives within the game will be decided and established along the way. Of course, like everybody else, before release we’ll decide a node to settle at and take control of it.

A big effort will be put into diplomacy and setting up a strong economy in our local area. We’ll make deals with neighbouring mayors and establish trading routes with nearby nodes.

We are not planning on being part of mega-alliances, if anything, we'll try to oppose them instead. We will try to form alliances with friendly guilds that are like-minded and guilds that compensate for our weaknesses.

We’ll work together to level up the node to a metropolis, to claim a castle / kingdom, to get our hands on every world boss and probably more (server / world firsts, arena competition). We aim to be a force to reckon with on the entire server.

We will keep changing our plans depending on many factors, including information that we still don’t know within the game systems, and the player needs. The decisions we will take will depend on what the players want and will be continuously discussed internally.

Trial and error will be core during this process. We will try, and we will fail. And we will try again.
We’ll start small and we’ll be limited only by our ambition.


We are looking to form a close-knit group of players to get things started in Alpha 2, and keep growing while preparing for release. Even if you don’t have access to Alpha or Beta, don’t hold back and contact us anyway, and become acquainted with the other players.

Our ideal guildmates are:
● PvP enjoyers
● Passionate and dedicated gatherers and crafters
● People that like to focus on teamplay, sharing and helping each other
● Players that love theorycrafting and experimentation
● Tryhards that don’t want everything to be ready and prepared for them

For those who want to focus on the economy, we are planning to set up a second guild specifically for gatherers and crafters.

Recruitment is open for everyone at the moment, including more casual oriented players if they meet certain requirements, but this will change in the future.

Since we are a new guild we are also in need of players that are willing to help with organization. This includes various roles like:
● Spreadsheet nerds that want to focus on economy, trading, resource management
● Experienced PvE raid leaders and PvP shot callers
● Recruiters, diplomats, mentors, and other officer roles required to manage the guild

If you are looking for an officer position in our guild make sure you have a good background experience for it and/or extra time to spend outside of the game. We won’t hand out roles just to have a title, nor based on seniority. You won't become an officer just because you joined first.


Some kinds of behaviour will not be tolerated in our guild. For example:
● Bringing drama in the guild, internally and/or from/with other guilds
● Being toxic with other players (in the guild or not), public trash talk
● Minding your own business all the time (not participating in discord discussion and never joining voice chat)
● Ninja looting

If you are a drama frog, an attention seeker, toxic, arrogant, greedy, selfish, a crybaby, a solo player… this is not the place for you.

● Experienced, human and understanding leadership
● Friendly environment
● Lots of PvP and PvE
● Sister guild for gatherers and crafters
● Internationality
● Veteran MMO players
● Structured Discord server
● Freedom of creativity and initiative

● Follow our values
● Dedication
● Speak english
● Be active on Discord
● Be proactive
● Don't be an asshole
● Be a teamplayer

If you are interested in joining this adventure, to play with like-minded people that work on common objectives, and build a foundation for something great since the start:

Application form: HERE
Discord contacts: daggial
Monkey Business (EU) is RECRUITING


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    Monkey Business (EU) is RECRUITING
  • peppep Member
    Pro gamers B)
  • Hi!

    Do you have any specific rules for people that wish to stream the game, to prevent sniping? Wondering as I might want to do that once the game launches.

    Thanks for any responses!
  • DaggialDaggial Member
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    Konriir wrote: »

    Do you have any specific rules for people that wish to stream the game, to prevent sniping? Wondering as I might want to do that once the game launches.

    Thanks for any responses!

    During Alpha2 we don't really care, but when approaching betas/release, we'll start introducing rules for those who want to stream.
    Depending on the situation, these rules will go from cover minimap/chat, to have stream delay (for example during caravan escorts and sieges), to streaming not allowed in the most extreme cases.
    We also expect streamers to preserve the guild reputation, and help reaching out to new people for recruiting purposes.
    Monkey Business (EU) is RECRUITING
  • Can i join the monke mafia to hmmmm
  • DaggialDaggial Member
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    Medusa wrote: »
    Can i join the monke mafia to hmmmm

    I'm not sure about it... can you?

    ( I contacted you on discord btw ^^ )
    Monkey Business (EU) is RECRUITING
  • Where is the discord link?
    Im not a king, im not a god, I AM AN EMPEROR
  • DaggialDaggial Member
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    Flammable wrote: »
    Where is the discord link?

    Hi, our discord server is private, and it will stay private (at least for now).

    If you have questions or just want to have a talk hit me up on discord: Daggial#8714.
    Monkey Business (EU) is RECRUITING
  • Keyb1nd_Keyb1nd_ Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    big gamer, big guild. Let's goooooo
  • AargothAargoth Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
  • Reject Humanity. RETURN TO MONK'E !!!!! :D 🤣 🤣 🤣

    Hardcore Guild BUT still social as well ? Sounds like a neat Guild everyone wants to have as an Ally to protect one or several Nodes from relentless Onslaughts of political Enemies. ;)
  • How big is the guild right now and how many people are you aiming for?
  • DaggialDaggial Member
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    Antimon wrote: »
    How big is the guild right now and how many people are you aiming for?

    At the moment we have about 25 people in the guild, and approximately 10 of them are going to play in alpha 2.

    For A2 launch we would be happy to reach 15-20 people, hopefully. While this might change in the future, for release we are aiming to have at least 40-60 people, maybe a bit more.

    The idea is to have a group where you can develop meaningful relationships. We don't want to become a mega guild with hundreds of players, but you don't even know who you are playing with.
    Monkey Business (EU) is RECRUITING
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    +rep monkey business🐒
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