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role-playing ideas that don't need to be in the game, but would be fun to see:

jarjarblinksjarjarblinks Member
edited November 2022 in General Discussion
These are just random ideas that I thought of; I doubt they will ever see the light of day, nor am I proposing they are necessary or should even be considered as a priority at this moment -- but I think it would be exciting or fun embellishments to make ashes more fun.

- thespian artisan profession: essentially, they can "craft" emotes or idle emotes for other players. They can be "sold" by teaching other players through the trading system. Entirely cosmetic, but it could offer tools for interesting/unique quests.

- flavor titles/positions: given by the ruling mayor and/or guild that runs the castle. gives players "titles," and all surrounding citizens/guild members receive a letter or simple cut scene they can read or watch that shows folks being titled or "knighted". These should be only from a predetermined list of titles, as it could get crazy.

- cutscenes created by players: An exciting way to document history in the game is to be able to develop simple cutscenes that have very basic tools for "lines" and dialogue. (Folks should be able to pick from a list of options). These scenes can be stored in books or other items that can be accessed by newer players.

what other rp elements would be nice in a game like ashes?


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    I like the second one the most; I feel the other 2 though could be difficult (but still pretty cool).
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    Highscore wrote: »
    I like the second one the most; I feel the other 2 though, could be difficult (but still pretty cool).

    yeah, the others are prob way more time-consuming than the second one. I would honestly be happy with the second one in play. this way, there can be known rankings in the guild / node that don't necessarily need game mechanics, but kinds show affiliation. & it could have actual implications for how the guild organizes itself.
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