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Toasty Pixelart: Hungry for Love

DerToastinatorDerToastinator Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
edited December 2021 in Community Creations
Hey there, adventurer!
Today i finally had time to pollish my Sorrows Hunger and now im happy to show it to you guys!
Also, its kind of a gift to Margarete. I realy hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed tweeking the little things and applying what I learned about Pixel-Art in the last months.

Hope, y'all are save, sound and healthy! Spread love, not a virus ;)

Original is to be found in my PixilArt account: https://www.pixilart.com/dertoastinator



  • looks good mah dudelydude:D
  • MargaretKrohnMargaretKrohn Moderator, Staff
    edited April 2020
    Aww! Thank you! =)
  • Well when you make him grin like that...he's definitely kinda cute <3

    Thanks for sharing, and can't wait to see if you have more Ashes-inspired pixel art on the way!
  • DerToastinatorDerToastinator Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Hello there!

    I have made some new Fanart for you a while back... i hope you enjoy it :smiley:


    also i made Sorrows hunger bigger.
    Maby you exchange it in the monthly dev discussion fanart prevew :wink:


    Have wonderful Holidays and i wish you te very best!
    Sencerely, Toasinator
  • Hey, what do you use to make pixel art? I'm interested in trying it c:

    Hope you'll see this even if its late! Thank you in advance.
  • DerToastinatorDerToastinator Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Jxshuwu wrote: »
    Hey, what do you use to make pixel art?

    I use Asperite.
    Pixel Pete on Youtube recommend it. He makes good tutorials :)

    Sorry, for answering late... im not feeling well. I even stopped pixeling. I should start again. It's fun.
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