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Previous Month Cosmetics, is there a way within the TOS

zklzkl Member
edited October 2022 in Support & FAQ

A few months ago I saw a cosmetic pack that I really liked. But unfortunately I could not afford to buy it back then.

I am wondering if there is still an acceptable way within the TOS to get something that'd allow me to purchase these cosmetics later. I know selling accounts are not authorized, but is there some kind of CD Key or other invite I could get that would allow me to purchase these cosmetics.

I understand this is a touchy subject. On one side you have dedicated players who did dedicate part of their budget to being there "on time", and they don't want their sacrifice to be in vain. What people are paying for is exclusivity and I understand that.

I am not trying to cut in line, or take away from these people. But if there is a known "accepted" way to get what I missed, even if it comes at a premium price, I'd like to know.

I try to keep faith and tell myself another set will eventually pop up that will surpass the one I want, but I am not sure it will happen.

Thank you,


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