Mounts that spawn then you mount it (ArcheAge Style Mounts)

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Hey guys, I've talked about this before.... But with how much further AoC is now, it still brings up the question of the mount system. Will it be like WoW Mounting where it's you click a button and your on a mount already... (Very unappealing)

What I had more in mind is the ArcheAge type of mount system, which was one of the biggest reasons I started playing archeage and if dev's are considering this at all. You spawn the mount and then you press another button to actually get on / off the mount. I would say like BDO style but, I really dislike the whole stable system with bdo. I guess you could say like BDO but remove the stable system and it's then a good mount system as long as you can call it from anywhere on the map.

Please let me know what you guys think and if any Dev's / Admins who have any inputs on the matter, Thank you!!
This game about to the best game out there and I'm hoping this small change is a thing because It'd make this game that much better!

AFTER EDIT: I'm so so soooo Sorry to the Support team, I meant to add this as general discussion. But I just got back into doing discussions on this new forum (New for me) and did not mean to send it as support.


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    Greetings Mark Blues,

    I was about to move this over to General Discussion until I saw your edit. :smile:

    I will close this thread as you were able to post your question in GD.
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