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Any Oceanic players here?

I am currently trying to prepare as much as i can for the release, but i lack experience and know how on how i should manage my small guild. Are you from a big guild or small one and what does your guild do to prepare for games like this? Also hoping to make friends on this forum so i have people to experience this amazing new world with on release. Hope you all just as hyped as i am :)


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    HELLO Skriptchaz weclome to the community!!
    what i do in preparation for my guild is i start of with inviting people who i think would enjoy the game with other players who are willing to stay in the guild for a long time, i welcome every one of my new guild members to the guild and made it so that we help each other so that some of us would not be left out, then we do our best to climb the top of the leader board while having fun.
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    Hello KenRichie and thank you very much for the warm welcome and reply.
    Your plan sounds like a very good place to start so i will try my best to invite like minded individuals to my guild and hopefully build it up to be as good as yours one day. Best wishes and luck to you and your Pack my friend :)

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    Hopefully they release a true Oceanic based server for us.
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    Yes Badcrop. That would level the playing field so much in terms of lag and such.

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