Further Emphasis on Well=Established Concepts

Throughout the past week of Joining this awesome Community, I've been thinking of what to suggest.
And ... well, as the Title suggest, maybe The Dev team can implement other thing that I'm sure others would admire & take notice.

To start off, why not add an "Environmental Hazards" with each Passing Season and/or each Passing Day ? For example, like a Think Fog - so thick it would be hard to see the person next to you. As such, the Weather Conditions will cause the Player to venture out carefully. Maybe Quick Sand ?
How about a feature of "Rock Climbing" ? Another thing would be to make some hard-to-find Secret Passages. Or some Huge, Bizarre, Thick Trees/Bushes to create an atmospheric vibe of Misdirection; hidden paths or hidden items/loot. For Example, like an Underbrush that'll lead to some bizarre creature encounters, and then to an Eerie Lake ?
( Elaborating will only make it too long >~<)
Or Traveling within the Trees via Vines or Huge Tree Branches ; "Path within the Trees".

Anything Stealthily-related ?

<em><strong>I'm not sure how much "Fantasy-Based" this MMO is going to be</strong></em>, but I can tell its a "Somewhat Medieval" Era.

In short, I personally admire the In-rich Exploration in MMOs. And hope to be confronted with obstacles created by that same in-rich environment - for a better experience.

Understandable if this won't be happening, but I do appreciate to whomever read this Post ^~^.
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