Further Emphasis on Well-Established Concepts*

( think me initial post had an "error" . So I'll post a summarized Version of it )

Throughout the time of me joining this Forum, I've been thinking of what to post. And ... well ... as the Title Suggest, maybe consider adding onto it

I personally, like MMOs with an Enrich-Environment. And I hoped to be faced with Obstacles with that same enriched Environment.

So why not consider "Environmental Hazards" ? With each Passing Day/Passing Season. For example like a Thick Fog, Harsh Blizzards, etc. This won't prevent Players from Exploring, but rather being mindful of it. Any Quick Sand ? Will Rock Climbing by a thing ? Anything Stealthily-related ?

Or how about a Thick Forests that'll create an atmospheric sense of misdirection; leading to Hidden Paths or Hidden items. Or Traveling within the Trees via Vines or Huge Tree Branches. For Example, an Underbrush could lead to a Hidden Path along with some Bizarre Creature Encounters, and then Proceeding to an Eerie Lake ?
( Don't want to elaborate too much )


  • Nice thoughts, but I don't think "paths" can be "hidden". If you are familiar with MMO, you know what I'm talking about.
    I still hope in the work of the environment artists. ^^

    And about the "hazards"... I think it would just be frustrating. "Exploring" probably is not a thing. Gathering will be something that hazard could affect, and we would see the effects on the market. Are you sure you want this kind of event? It should take a lot of work to balance and it will probably be "a bit" hardcore.

    There was a guy in another thread talking about "beautiful skies". I think we can get something like what you are talking about with less efforts!
    <a href="https://www.ashesofcreation.com/forums/topic/just-stop-and-look-up/">Sky thread</a>

    By the way, I like the ideas, thank you for sharing!
  • There is unqiue environmental class skills and maybe racial skills too.
    eg. Rogue abilities to identify traps and stuff. Mages ability to levitate across chasms.
    Also we know the roads will become closed and open depending on seasons
    Sounds and looks to me that most of your hopes will probably be realised.
  • "Event" ? Lol, nope. I was hoping a Permanent Aspect of the MMO. But something to consider
  • [quote quote=10066]Any Quick Sand ?[/quote]

    If I was wandering through the world, got engaged in pvp and knocked backward into quicksand and sank to my death, it would be too cool to even be mad about.
  • Ikr ?!? Open-World + Environmental Hazards would really make it stand out.

    There's a few other things I forgot to mention, but the Environmental Hazards was my "Top-Desire" - not making it "too" easy for players, but not too hard either.

    Another sweet addition to Environment, is if Devs implement <em>"Special Characteristics"</em> to certain Areas to change by day. For example ... if they had an <em><strong>" Ever-Changing Forest(s) "</strong></em> Area; the <em>layout</em> would change throughout the course of an in-game day.
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