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Yo! ( + Question )

Yo ( ・∀・)ノ"
First of all, my English isn't the best, I apologize in advance.

I'm on the hunt for a good MMO to invest my time in. But I've always been one of those people who couldn't really afford the good ones. So I was stuck playing free to play ones. Thanks to LazyPeon and his video I found this gem.
Now I'm saving up for my first ever PC, but I don't know shit about all that.
Any suggestions? Anything I should look out for, specifically in relation to this game?


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    Hes Nensen.

    If you are planning to build a PC on your own, you will need the following parts.
    1) motherboard,
    2) processor (factory cooler included),
    3) memory,
    4) graphics card,
    5) hard drive
    6) pc house,
    7) power supply,
    8) display,
    9) mouse, keyboard
    10) cables (you will get those with the pieces)

    The most important are the processor and graphics card. I recommend that you first pick your <em>religion</em></strong> in terms of processors and video cards!

    Processor religions:
    1) AMD
    2) Intel

    I am personally an Intel-fan, it has historical reasons, my best working processors were Intel's, stating with the Pentium series back in the 90's. [YOU CAN START YOUR DEM CRUSADE AMD BOIZ!]

    Anyways, Intel is currently the greatest of processor manufacturers, they have an awesome product range, I recommend it. AMD is usually cheaper than Intel, but they still have a decent quality.

    I'd go with an <a href="" target="_blank">i5 7600K</a>, but here is only your pocket money keeps the limit.

    Video card religions:
    1) Nvidia
    2) Radeon:

    You can find a lot of benchmarks in the internet from both. I had both Nvidia and Radeon cards, I can tell you, that in the mid-high-level, there is not much difference. I recommend <a href=",4388.html" target="_blank">this article</a>, there is a table called "<em>Desktop GPU Performance Hierarchy Table</em><strong>" you can see that currently the top card is an NVidia, but the price...

    I recommend the price range $250-$500. I've picked cards usually from this range, I was play in the top graphical resolution always. I would buy today:

    The rest you should build around this two parts. I think when you made your mind, in your local IT parts retailer, they will able to get basically every part you need. However, here are a few recommendations from me:
    1) motherboard:
    7) power supply:
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    Wow, thanks! I think I'm gonna go with Intel and Nvidia. I found a good used Intel PC and will buy better pieces along the way.
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    Welcome Nensen! Yes a PC is the best when you build it from nothing. My is starting to get old at the age of 7 years lol so I want to upgrade it before AoC comes out.
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