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Greetings to the all pioneers

Hi folks

I am shiorichii and nice to meet ya all. I have somewhat big experience in MMORPG industry as a gamer and by profession i am also a software engineer. With recent F2P P2P model MMORPG really makes me worried about MMO industry but once i heard about this game it really gives me hope that this would turn out to be a somewhat better game than what we all anticipated.

Again nice to meet you all and hope for a great journey together ahead.


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    Welcome adventurer!

    Don't you forget to join to the Discord:

    Also, you should read about <a href="">weekly key drawings</a>, and if you have not done so, check out the <a href="" target="_blank">developer's Q&A</a>.

    Also, you can read about all the collected information of the game <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.
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    thanks Rivara . indeed i will go through this and get an idea of whats going to be next
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    Wrong Docs link, mybad, here is the good one:
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    Welcome Shiroichii! Good to have you join us friend! Yeah we can only hope that AoC becomes a success.
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    Welcome Shiroichii, hope to see you on discord :)
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    Welcome Fellow Traveler, May your stay be long and may you enjoy many days at the lodge with us withered travelers
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    Hay how's it going shiorichii Welcome to the community.
    don't worry this game will not disappoint you, when you first see the pre alpha you will be begging for more, :3 as always have fun and feel free to ask something in the forums
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