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[EU} The White Company - PvX, semi-hardcore/hardcore [18+]

Unknown land, great mystery, loyalties are hard to come by and treachery is everywhere. In a world where everyone is fighting for survival and personal gain you can't trust anyone other than your mercenary company. We will continue the traditions that was practised during the Condottieri age of warring states. We don't have a lifetime leader. We vote to elect our leader. That is the true mercenary way.

The White Company will have one main goal and that's to participate in City related PvP engagements which will include attacking and defending. This will be our primary goal. We will have no loyalties other than to our mercenary company. We will sell our swords to the highest bidder. If no one is willing to pay we will take the most profitable approach for our own benefit.

We will explore the land for more profitable bidders. The White Company was known to go to great lengths to highly polish their armour, and hence the name 'The White Company'. You will be required to take care of your armour by exploring the land together with your company. We will have the best armour available to make our presence known in the battlefield and put fear in our enemies. I will assure you we won't be prejudice when it comes to spreading fear.

We fight for the highest bidder.

Website TBA!
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