A new hope! (sorry Mr Lucas)

Like my partner in crime Belazarus, who has posted earlier today, I guess I should introduce myself.

I'm Krysalan, deputy leader of Alith a social community based guild currently residing on the ESO EU megaserver, co-presenter of Alith-Cast our ESO live webshow, and casual long-time MMO gamer.

My first MMO was Ultima Online, which didn't grab me at all really, too hardcore, and I've flitted from MMO to MMO since then dabbling heavily in most of the AAA titles along the way. I'm 51 years old and living in the North-West of the UK.

So, intros over. Hi!

One of my passions about the MMO genre as it has developed over the years is the level of immersion to be had from the various titles. I love to be convinced that the world I am playing a part in is a living, breathing one. As the genre has moved forward, and the technology and visuals along with it, immersion is becoming better and better. My current title ESO has taken great strides recently to feel like one coherent world with a rich history and a familiar environment for fans of the IP.

That said, there are other titles that have other equally impressive resumes, BDO has wonderful fluid combat that makes you forget your surroundings and focus on the struggle, cut and thrust. Rift has it's zone and realm events where the entire server population can rally to a cause in a dynamic system. GW2 has it's "Living World" that sees the game environment as something that can evolve over time.

So my hopes for Ashes of Creation are that it can achieve a lofty goal, immersion, an evolving ever-changing world, richness of lore and story, and combat that makes you look up from your monitor and wonder where the time went.

The initial intro from the devs has been encouraging to say the least, and I see quite a few challenges ahead, to cherry pick one I'd go for the balance between PVE and PVP, other titles seem to fight a constant internal war where no balance can be found, one develops always at the compromise of the other and the two types of players are often at loggerheads with each other and the game developers. Maybe I'm asking too much and this is a struggle that will always be a part of a game that mixes the two playstyles, we shall see.

As the game's development moves forward, I'm optimistic. There are enough excellent titles out there (yes all with their flaws) to provide inspiration, systems to embrace and improve upon, and pitfalls to avoid.

Good luck folks - I'm looking forward to the journey.


  • Very well said Mr Hawk! I pretty much share your thoughts, particularly the hope that this game could be the one to embrace all that has worked in past MMO's, and avoid the mistakes. It is indeed early days, I foresee a long road ahead :) Nice to have something exciting to follow & look forward to though.
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