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The Ice Pheonix[EU][EN]

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The Ice Pheonix is an integrated guild accepting all players, with the only rules being that you speak English, be polite with other members and you notify me or vice guild master Sakuraid if you will not be playing for a while. 

our guild will be a mercenary guild which other guilds can 'hire' services. These include but are not limited to aiding with a dungeon run,  attacking or defending caravans, assisting with node or castle sieges, as defenders or attackers. These jobs will be split will be divided into ranks depending on the difficulty. you can go ahead to 
The guild will also have ranks based on how effective the person is at completing the assignments, and securing a higher rank will permit you to take higher ranking job requests, which will earn you more.
the guild will also have an artisan branch, where the artisans can buy the raw materials from the front line fighters and process them into goods for the front line fighters to buy(a.k.a auction house with no fees).

in case you wish to join us, PM either of us on discord- I,robot#3016 or Sakuraid#3844


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    I hope you will enjoy playing with us ????
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    If you want to join the guild contact me as soon as you join our discord and I will give you a guild member role. If you want to be an Crafter(C), Explorer(E) or Raider(R) there are/will be roles for that to. 
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