Player Run shops

So i had this idea floating around for other MMOs where guilds run cities and what not. My idea is this.

1. A guild can own a town and own all the stores in town. The Guild Black smith would be the town blacksmith. Guild armor craftor would become the armor store operator. So forth down the line of typical store or vendors in a town.

2. If a guild grows to X size it can no longer be in control of X size town and control the area. They have to move to larger town square

3. Taking this from zelda kinda: Each area had its own armor. There armor was better for the area that you would be in. Ie cold heat whatever. MMO would be level based more so then area maybe. Maybe have a armor set better for snow vs summer heat seeing how we have adaptive weather in Ashes of Creation. Weapons unique to areas as well.

4. Capital city or most advanced town Has access to more items to craft and most likely held by top guild. They can craft items from all areas. This would give a reason for people to want to take that over more and more.

I dont know if any of this has been talked about on here. Been working a lot to be able to keep up with everything other then dev blog as of late
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