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[EU] Dat Lag

Hey guys :)

Something about me
My name is Zeyji, I'm a 22 year old guy from Germany who is playing MMOs for about 12 years now. I played a lot of MMOs (some since beta) such as WoW and Guild Wars 2 (still playing), LOTRO, TESO, SWTOR and some more. Combined I think I have spent about 20000 hours^^ I always considered myself a tryhard in both PvE and PvP, always striving to be among the server first when it comes to raids, creating guides or topping the leaderboards when it comes to PvP (at least trying though :P)

Why my own guild?
I always wanted the opportunity to start a fresh MMO with some players having the same mindset as I do. No matter how many MMOs I've played in the past, I never went fully prepared in the start of one or just missed the opportunity to play from the release. I want to gather people who really want to get into this game, find out the best strategies, master their class and play as a team together.

What will the guild be like?
Mainly consisting of hardcore players, which doesn't mean hardcore regarding the time spent but hardcore in the meaning of how serious they take this. I have a real life, I think everyone does.

How will it work?
Well, I still have to think about this, but for the start write something about yourself (age, country, motivation, experience) down below and we will figure out something.

Is the guild name fixed?
No neccessarily, I want a fun name and in the past something everyone always complained about when playing bad was "dat lag though" So if you are a creative genius feel free to put in your own ideas

Where can you find me currently?
In World of Warcraft on Dun Morogh (Vaijara) and in Guild Wars 2 as Zeyji, Zheyji, Zeiji... you get the point


  • Heyoo Zeyji ^_^

    love the content .. im a big fan of mmorpg ever since i can remember haha tho i wouldnt call myself a hardcore player haha
    recently i have been on and off playing ...
    real life matters lol hahaha played warcraft the most and still do but not so often unlike before..
    been playing mobile mmorpg games too ..
    i dont know but i do take playing mmorpg seriously too .... it might be just a game but hey .. there are real people and lives behind the screen names ^_^ .. and this game is so intriguing .. would wanna see it the soonest.

    i am so looking forward to this game .. seems like it almost has the things i look for in a mmorpg that wont really bore players like an "end game" would ...

    anywayssss haha im 21 from the philippines .. there are tons of mmorpg lovers here ..

    i read your post and i think i'd love to be part of the team ... :)
    giving out ideas and see them done would be .. great hahah
  • Hello!

    Im Red, and I have 16 years of age!

    I love what the game is turning to, and what gets me the most is how will they implement the money part of the game(IRL money), because I don't want this to be P2W, but I also want to get rewarded if you pay them money, you know? Something like cosmetics would be great! So I've played a few MMO's, and know the basics, but I didn't play MMO's up until recently. What I have played my whole life are RPG games... Man, I love RPG games. Ive played Skyrim since it was released(I have more than 7000 hours on it!), have played oblivion, and many other games. Im also in love with Destiny..

    I prefer two classes, and those are Mage, Summoner, Witch, Enchanter... Ah, whatever you want to call it. The one that has magic! Its AoE damage is very useful for almost every situation!
    My other preferred class would be a heavy damage dealer, since they can be very useful for bosses and PvP, which is going to be very important here!

    I also design Logos, Banners, etc..

    Im from Puerto Rico, "The Enchanted Island!"! but im moving to florida soon.

    Cheers! :)
  • Welcome! Happy recruiting :)
  • Helow.
    I'm Appa, 23, from eu and I'm looking for a fresh game to play. I'm loyal to the game and guild once I set my mind to it(been playing pwi for about 5-6 years but sadly p2w slowly destroyed that).
    I like to explore the hidden potencial in specific class and stick to it till the end :). I'm overall PVE player but would love to explore more of PVP territory. I consider myself as a helpful member of a guild and will jump to help others whenever I get a chance. I always use a headset, so if you feel like talking about something we can talk over discord/ skype / the hell do I know.
    Happy gaming :)
  • @Zeyji Are you still an active guild? Haven't seen any activity here since January. Thanks!
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