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Class customizing.

We all like the idea of the dual class synergy that will come with AoC (honestly). Now of course by now you've heard of the 8 classes that we start off with and will merge with, those being for those who don't know: Fighter, Ranger, Rouge, Tank, Mage, Summoner, Cleric, and Bard.

What i'd like to know is what you guys would like to combine and why? For example, I wanna make a Cleric/Cleric because they most likely would be a supper healer or shield/ward/bubble class that would make massive bubbles that would require a lot of the enemies attention to break through.


  • I am thinkg of these combinations

    Rogue is always my primary in every game so:

    Rogue - fighter: Maybe a rogue with 2h weapons. For some quick and brutal strikes. Atleast thats my idea.
    Rogue - Ranger: Combine a deadly strike and some ranged abilitys for kiting and getting closer maybe.
    Rogue - Mage: Freezing the enemy and then backstab them as a rogue.

    Maybe Rogue - cleric: for healing and be more sustainable.
  • Bard-cleric or cleric-bard is so far the most interesting one to me. It could involve long, channeled hymns that effect a wide radius, providing buffs to all nearby allies.
    Cleric-mage also seems interesting. Elemental-based healing would be super neat.
  • I think the Mage-Cleric is gonna be like a holy mage class with holy fire and other abilities that heal allies/hurt enemies.
    Also i get the feeling that bard is gonna have a silence of some sort so i think a mage-bard would be pretty scary too. I kind of hope they don't have a teleport/flash in the game for mage because then everyone is gonna play rogue - mage.
  • I'm most likely going to play Rogue/Tank, screw the meta, if I want to do damage and not blow up when an enemy mob or player so much looks at me, I'll be doing that. But in all seriousness, probably one of the highest in demand classes in general will be cleric/cleric, as it's going to be the main source of heals I would assume for the game.
  • I was thinking about this last night... i want to see what they came up for a rogue/cleric. Like my mind can't even wrap around how his abilities would work.
  • I think tank/Bard could be interesting. Seems like a captain/Generall shouting battle cries and lifting the moral of his people.

    @Sherbam: bubble hields could also be cleric/Tank as tanks normaly get associated with shields

    @klavuhn: Mage probably has a teleport, they gave an example of warrior/mage who can augment his "Charge attack" with mages "Teleport" to make the attack instant and skip the charge itself. HOw much of that was hypothetical and how much it was "yes that will be in the game" though i don't know.
  • If thats the case i hope they have an ice block of some sort because long range classes wont have a feasible way to deal with that especially if they have a strong stun or are one shot types.
  • I'm thinking fighter/mage for survivability as well as zoning control and damage. Also a blink strike attack is super hard to give up do to ff15 ????
  • [quote quote=10631]I was thinking about this last night… i want to see what they came up for a rogue/cleric. Like my mind can’t even wrap around how his abilities would work.


    The only issue with that is its always the same problem. you have the god-healer and the god-dps that everyone want to bring em along. When you start mixing'em together, you have a mediocre mix of half bad healer/dps. Usually, every person in a group got a roll to fill so if you bring a average everything, well err idk..
  • I was thinking Fighter/Mage or Fighter/Rogue. Leaning towards Fighter/Mage, because Spellswords have always been my favorite fantasy archetype, only reason i have a backup is that the execution of a Spellsword can be pretty hard to pull off since its two wildly different classes being mashed together, so thinking in terms of tabletops, you have to take a lot of feats to do both sides effectively. Meanwhile, Fighter/Rogue doesn't sound too crazy, and actually being a pretty dextrous Greatsword wielder sounds fun. Though i'd prob do without any kind of stealth mechanic, because stealth is for cowards.
  • [quote quote=10657]If thats the case i hope they have an ice block of some sort because long range classes wont have a feasible way to deal with that especially if they have a strong stun or are one shot types.


    I don't know, bvut we have seen two types of shields already on the mage video. One was like a wall where enemies could not pass and the mage had a buble shield around herself, might be possible that there are more such thinks. We have also heard about two methodes of gap closing/creating namely charge attack and teleport so it is quit possible that other classes have similiar things that help them escape from a gap lcose.
  • So the whole thing on mixing is that it augments ur current abilities and they haven't said anything about adding brand new abilities that u didn't already have so take that into thought when u add the sub class. Plus giving the description on some of these classes and looking at the current videos of game play the classes seem to be more to them than ur traditional outlook. These r called adventuring classes so how r u suppose to adventure by yourself as a cleric cause there will be that time when no one else is on . So I'm sure cleric is more than ur by the book healer with 1 or 2 attack spells just because it wouldn't be viable with the game they r trying to create. Plus the developers don't seem to like doing things by the book because they r trying to reshape what the mmorpg is supposed to be
  • The devs are bringing MMORPGs closer to what the were always hoping to be.
    This game design has more emphasis on traditional RPGs.
  • Ranger/Mage
  • I like to think about what some of the more unorthadox class combinations could be, and what kinds of abilities they could have.

    For example, how would a mage/tank work out? Maybe a greater focus on earth elemental spells or defensive wards, or just a focus on personal defense.

    Maybe a rogue/summoner? Calling creatures for tracking, scouting, harassing, and the like.

    I'd love to see Summoner/Clerics, calling down an angel to passively heal other party members and smite your enemies.
  • I'm either thinking of Bard/Bard, or Bard/Cleric. Doubling down on bard would make for some really strong buffs, but healing is also important otherwise the group needs 2 support. I'm interested in other combinations for sure, but those are the 2 I see being the biggest contenders for me.
  • I honestly can't say what I would be without seeing examples of classes.

    Though I'm particularly looking at fighter, mage, summoner, rogue, cleric. which all seem to have some unique combinations in them. I particularly love how this system is like Guild Wars 1 was with professions. Although it's a little different since the secondary class only influences how the first one acts, for example a cleric/tank might do something like shielding and bubbling instead of healing.

    If I had to pick without seeing examples, if I was to be a healer it would be cleric/summoner otherwise fighter/mage (or the reverse of both). Though everything in between feels like an amazing prospect as well, many choices it's going to be hard to pick just one.

    I love it.
  • [quote quote=19295]Plus the developers don’t seem to like doing things by the book because they r trying to reshape what the mmorpg is supposed to be[/quote]

    [quote quote=19306]The devs are bringing MMORPGs closer to what the were always hoping to be.
    This game design has more emphasis on traditional RPGs.[/quote]

    Older games allowed you to hybridize and personalize your class build like crazy. WoW even allowed this; until the cataclysm that was Cata. Just slightly before the launch of Cata they'd released the ability to start looking at Gear Scores; once that happened the min-maxers really jumped on to the bandwagon and started streamlining "The" perfect build for every class. That led to Cata's streamlining of the classes so that, for instance, I couldn't play my Holy Priest anymore with a sideline of Shadow, which allowed for better mana management; I had to go fully into the Holy build, and try to glyph and then talent around what I'd had, prior to the launch of Cata.

    Rift came out shortly afterward, and their class trees were amazing. Yay, I could hybridize again! Ended up playing a Chloro healer who was heavily invested in the Warlock chain, and that was amazing. People started coming into Rift, then, asking "What's the best build for XYZ?" which led to Rift's decision to create "Starter Builds" and "Recommended Builds" for their different classes; however, they left intact our ability to personalize and hybridize the classes.

    Then along came GW2 who built on the foundation of GW1, sorta. In GW1 one could be a Mez/Rogue or somesuch combination, as you saw fit. In GW2 they just came out with a bunch of talents that you could tweak. I ended up building a highly non-standard Thief who could dice, slice, shred, and thoroughly dismantle her opponents, only to land behind them and have them die as they fell at her feet. It was brilliant and amazing, and based on bleeds rather than crit.

    In short, once upon a time, game devs believed that their players had brains, and would like to exercise those brains to theorycraft their classes to be as personal and amazing as possible -- for the player. Then the masses (read, non-geeks, largely) started getting in to gaming, and devs decided to streamline things to make sure the LCD could pick up the game, have fun, and not have to work too hard at anything.

    Intrepid is actually stepping back in time a bit, and as someone who's missed the personalization inherent in creating a highly viable non-standard build, I'm ecstatic to see it. I'm pretty sure we'll start getting inundated with "What's the best build for XYZ?" again, but I'm hopeful that people will look at the class system as an incredibly rich and diverse palette that allows them to build the character that works best for <em>that player</em>.

    Now that I've said all the above, I know I'll play a Cleric cuz, ya know, HEALS! But I have no idea yet what her second class will be, since I don't yet know what all options are available. I can pretty much assure you, though, it won't be standard!
  • [quote quote=19448]For example, how would a mage/tank work out? Maybe a greater focus on earth elemental spells or defensive wards, or just a focus on personal defense.[/quote]

    In ESO I built Maffre, a Sorcerer who wore plate and used a 2h weapon. She wasn't specifically a tank, but I *could* tank in some small measure with her. It was almost like a shamanistic build; she wore the armor and had the big weapon, but that girl could fling lightning around like crazy!

    In all, a fun build, and I think your idea is highly viable.
  • I think I'm going to play as a ranger so my sub class would probably be either a rogue or a fighter.

    I just like the thought of someone eventually getting close enough to you to kick your head in and then you just stealth out of danger like a rogue of you actually stand and fight like a fighter would much to the surprise of the enemy. Good thoughts.
  • While I have already decided on my primary class being Fighter, there are a few variations I am intrested in and will likely wait until we have more info to decide what looks viable and fun. These are most notably, Fighter/Summoner and Fighter/Fighter. /Summoner might have nice shenanigans where you summon stuff for short duration with attack skills. Double Fighter could be the ultimate war-machine ^^
  • I was originally going for cleric/?

    But with so many players doing the same, i wonder if I should go tank/?.

    I'll probably wait and see if they post the skills and augments. I'll do some theorycrafting first and then see what class combo is most interesting.
  • Tank - Tank ( depends on how much a tank is needed )
    Tank - Cleric ( Might be more fun and still viable )
  • There is similar topics(suppose in design subforum).
    Anyway-just wil try to create a friar/monk < suppose it coulf be cleric+fighter or cleric+tank(since tank+ cleric-paladin):
    - different def. buffs/ med. healing spells
    - melee specialization: main weapon -quaterstaff
    - parry / evasion / light armor
    -Wisdom stat modificator for armor class/evasion (aka Dn'd analogue)
    -mb skills like "closed mind"/"pure body"/ "deflect arrows" etc.
  • I'm leaning much more towards Fighter/Mage at this point. I'm a huge spell-sword guy. I've also considered Fighter/Summoner. I will likely begin as a Fighter/Mage then test out Fighter/Summoner down the road granted they implement the idea of changing your second class.
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