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Altercation - [NA][PvP][PvE]

Altercation was established in 2014 in Wildstar and was a well known raiding/PvE guild. Since our departure from Wildstar we have been on the hunt for a new and exciting MMO and at-last we finally have one here with AoC. While some of our members are new there are a few of us that have been together since 2012 in the SWTOR days and have maintained our friendship throughout the years and in multiple games. Altercation is looking to expand into AoC when it comes out and play a major role in the environment and PvP community. While we are going to be a PvX guild and looking to get into the raid scene and dungeons we are going to have a heavy focus in PvP.

Altercation will be a guild for anyone and everyone that would like to be apart of a community that is active, helpful, fun, and of course competitive. While our doors will be open to all players only core spots will be given to those who strive to be the best at their class and want to succeed in whatever it is we plan. PvP, Raids, Dungeons, Sieges, etc. Everyone can earn a position on the team but to maintain that position you must perform.

As the game gets closer to release I will reactivate our website, for the meantime you're welcome to join our discord and hangout. As of right now we play a variety of games and just have a fun time together till something comes out that we all can like and as of this time AoC is something that we have our sights on. If you feel this might be a place for you or if you have questions please let me know and I will do the best I can to answer them.

Our Discord is
We use TS as well but we are going to be migrating over to Discord so while it might not seem populated it soon will be and as we gain new members, it will be a pretty active and fun community to hang out with until AoC comes out.


  • i definitely join this guild ^_^

    IGN : MissEvangeline
  • I'm usually on Discord and if I'm not then I'm working :) I'll be online tonight though playing something hanging out in Discord :)
  • Doing a bump for my guild. You'll find me on Discord all the time (when I'm not at work) and if I'm not on just send me a message. Current games we dabble are HoTS, PUBG, LoL, and other misc, games. If you're looking for a fun group of people then we are the place to be.
  • My weekly bump. Most of us have done the kickstarter and are very excited about the game, join the discord and say wassup, if we don't answer right away we are at work. Very active towards the evening time PST time zone. Looking forward to gaming with all of you!
  • Bump.
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