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Greetings from a hungry MMORPG Player

Hail Sithis! Oh wait wrong game

Kidding aside I have been an avid fan of MMORPG's that have been available in my area. SEA specifically starting off from Ragnarok Online and MU Online. I continued playing different kinds of MMORPG's until I was 22 (24 as of writing this) but the "NEW" MMORPG's just did not have anything new to offer and got easily bored with them. Until I saw this post on 9gag and it really caught my attention. Now I am here and am really hoping that this takes off and will be the mark of the next generation MMORPG's.

Right now im trying to catch up with what has been going on and will try to actively participate in the forums especially when the dev parts are concerned.

If someone is kind enough to get me up to speed that would be much appreciated!


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