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Hello all!

Hiya, hello, and howdy!

This game was mentioned by a colleague of mine and I decided to come check it out.. First and foremost I got excited at the prospect of a new game, but was saddened to see that it won't be out for at least 2 years "bummed"

A little about myself.. I'm loyal to a fault, dedicated, my friends say I'm too helpful.. My main goal in MMOs is to level to max and then go back to the starting areas..I do this to protect low levels from PKers, and to also help them have an easier time leveling and getting to know that the community of the game I am playing at the time isn't bad.

I've probably played almost every single MMO on the market from start to content finish.. I started my journey in Meridian 59 as a little adventurer named "Sayel" I was 7 years old! Little did I know that this would catapult me into a journey through a multitude of new Worlds, new friends, and a hell of a lot of adventures, but since that day I have dedicated myself to any game that I play, and sometimes it can be 4 at once!

I also have a tendency to no life, a little example on this is, when WoW first released here in Australia, my friend and I spent 7 days straight with maybe 4-6 hours of sleep in that time to try and be the top, now this wasn't easy as we were contending with people who were quad playing single accounts.. (Quad playing accounts is where 4 people play the 1 toon and do it in 6 hour shifts so the toon is 100% utilized.)

But we went from 1-48 in 1 week in Vanilla WoW the week after we both hit 55 and then the dreaded WPL/EPL grind began, and in a total time played of 15 days we hit 60 together haha.. Might not seem like much, but ask any Vanilla WoW player and leveling was almost as tough as the Lineage 2 grind back in the day!

So yes, I will play the hell out of this game, until I can no longer justify an enjoyment out of it, or the cash shop goes pay to win.. Those are the only things that get me to stop an MMO "cough ArcheAge cough"

So yes, I'm looking forward to and am keen to play AoC, hopefully I see you all there in Early Access!

Sorry for the essay! <3


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    Hey TheRealConcepts
    nice having you here. I hope you enjoy your stay here with the AoC community that has formed so far. In case you dont have all the important links already i will leave you a link to Kasages Newbie guide, make sure to check it out.
    See you on discord :D
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    Hello and welcome to the AoC community, TheRealConcepts!
    It's always awesome to welcome another passionate gamer to the hype train!!
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    Welcome TheRealConcepts! Come on in and take a seat around the fire that is the forums and Discord.
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    HEEEEEYYY there nice of you to join our community, welcome and thank you for mentioning AOC to you're friends, have fun and you can ask anything you'd like to the forums :3 peace
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    Welcome! I'm sure you will enjoy this amazing community that has been formed so far, dont forget to hop into the discord server for a chat with fellow players and the devs themselves!
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