Node Ideal for city guards customization

Okay in the node city form their going to be city guards NPC lets say the leaders of that node or leader can change the armor that the guards are using but as a skin not as real armor in other words a none stat set armor customization so it would make it fair to the other nodes, and this way players would want to be the leader even more just to be able to customization a city, and make it where they would need to pay gold for every set of armor in short they would have to buy the armor for there guards in order to make the game more fun.


  • You could even make a cooperation with your crafting ppl and city service. Lets ssay you build a rchery range so that you could have some archer on your rampart or archer could accompany your trading caravan, maybe you could make a system that in order to upgrade their gear, you would need crafting ppl in your city.
    Lets say im a leather crafter. I pass my day hunting beast, skinning them and come back to the shop and crafting stuff with it. In most mmo, you craft thing that are useless or that you can only sell for a silly price where the risk/reward value of your good is not okay for you.
    ( like i take "x" ammount of time kitting a bigass bear, killing and skinning him to come back to the shop and taking the mats to build a hat but since your skill are low, you build a no good hat that are not worth anything).
    If you could have the option of upgrading your city archer gear like a non-active thing maybe. Like im about to go to bed, irl, but i still have a stack of leather at my disposition, i could invest that stack of leather to upgrade the guards gear while im sleeping (idk if afk crafting/fishing ect is gonna be a thing or not). That way you wouldnt need to waste your mats on silly stuff and could gain crafting xp at a lower rate but still, getting some, and by the same occasion, helping upgrading your beloved city overall.

    My 2 isk.
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