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Hello from Norway!

My name online is Shimo! Which it is on most games i play.
I am a 24yo male from Norway and i love games, specifically online games. Most of my gaming "career" is spendt on 3 main games throughout my time gaming. The first MMORPG i ever played was called Tibia, it is a 2D game with fraily hardcore PvP and punishments, which i liked about it alot. Later i moved on to Runescape, like all of us did. After that i played a ton of World of Warcraft, which i still occasionally play to this day.

I just found out about Ashes of Creation today! And it looks super promising!
I'm looking forward to follow the development of this game. It seems there is a great team of developers in it for the right reasons. I hope this game could be the next one for me to sink my time into! :D


  • Welcome Shimo! Good to have you join us friend.

    If you need help just take a look at this.
    A Newbie's Guide: Ashes of Creation Information
  • Thank you^^
  • Greetings Shimo!

    It's a pleasure to welcome you to the hype train.
    Don't forget that the Kickstarter begins in 8 days so keep an eye out for that.
    I recommend you stay as active as you can to network with the rest of the player and devs.

    Welcome to the AoC community and enjoy the ride!
  • Hey Shimo :3
    Welcome to the community, it's great having you here. You can find all the important information about the game and the official AoC discord channel as well as some other useful documents in Kasages Newbie Guide. I'll leave you a link here.
    See you on discord :D
    Well hello from Finland and welcome!

    I gathered some useful links for you to gather the info we already know about the game :)

    Here's the <a href="" target="_blank">official Ashes youtube channel</a> and some useful community made <a href="" target="_blank">infodoc</a>. I strongly recommend reading it or refer in any case of questions. You can find almost everything in there!

    For further questions come to the official <a href="" target="_blank">community discord channel</a>. There you might also meet up with our awesome Community Manager Yavie and the very much respected Creative Director Steven. Be sure to say hi to them if you happen to see them online ;)
  • [quote quote=10656]OH GOD WHAT’S WITH THESE THUMBNAILS!?[/quote]

    Yeah, i was wondering that myself while trying to read your post, but that was a clever fix nonetheless:)
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