Personall land - Node introduction part 2

I'm not sure if this belongs in here or the generall discussion forum, but now it is here^^.

In the new video they show off how personall land and housing looks like:
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The first info is that land can be aquired after a node reaches stage3 (village stage) and they will grant citizenship.

They show small square places which are framed by small walls/hedges we can see that land can hold multiple buildings and maybe we can freely place them (not shown but they said we can be creative), or mostly consist of farmland and meadows for horses(other animals as well probably).
The mentioned buildings are: Inns, Taverns, forges, smeltheries, lumberjards, Mills and Stables
They do not mention if we will purchase buildings as "Forge" building or if equipment will somehow make a normal house a forge, it is also not 100% said if one house will be one thing (for example a forge or a smelthery but not both) but it does sound that way.

The avaible land will increase through increasing the nodes domain of influence but they did not say if the land will get an upgrade like the houses within the node. It was also not said if lands will have different sizes/forms(instead of square) or if players can own multiple plots of land (and maybe multiple citizenships?).

Over all i liked what I've seen/heard about personall land, especially that it seems as if we can custimize our own land heavily is to my liking.
What are you guys thinking?


  • You can get one own house near the node,, one instanced inside a node and one house inside the node. You can be the citizen of a single node, however you can have an instanced and a free house in different nodes, also you can change between citizenship with a long cooldown which is like 2 weeks.

    I think it's awesome, and hopefully they can implement it balanced for everyone.
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