Issues with current Crafting System

One of my issues with the current Crafting System is the fact that you can't process/craft your items in the same node. Yes I agree that you should have to go to different nodes to get different materials. But the thought of having to take possibly 3 caravans to produce an item is very disheartening to me. It would mean that you can't run into town and craft a new sword because your's just broke. It would mean I would have to load up a caravan go to a new area process the ore into ingots. Then load a new caravan and go to a new area and turn it into the item I want. And then have to run all the way back to my original position just to continue my quest.

Another Issue I have with the current crafting profession is when it gets into high level crafting. If I want to be a master blacksmith that means that I won't be able to go farm the ore that I want nor can I process said ore into ingots myself. While I know this system is implemented to increase activity between players, I think it is making crafters COMPLETELY reliant on others in the high end crafting which in my opinion isn't fun.

Please tell me your thoughts on this and if you think it will be an issue.


  • I agree: Perhaps the town node has an exchange market showing the ups and down of scarcity. I would think, I could check the 'exchange' to figure out what I need to harvest or process. I myself will try to combine harvesting (say wheat). That is harvesting wheat and milling it into flour. Off to the market by caravan pit stop for the crafters to buy (I think). The other aspect is --- do you harvest apples and onions to plant apples and onions on a farm. OR, is there a firewall by which the farmer goes into town to buy GMO wheat, apples, or onions for planting. I'm sure they're trying to figure this out. But, I trust it's going to be natural and seamless, allowing a player to forage for plants to then plant in the ground (could be a chore) OR buy seeds from a vendor. Alex, just a variation on your theme. My thoughts is there ought to be an exchange to signal me that you need ingots in the economy if I were a miner / ingot maker.

    BTW. If I harvest apples, wheat, or onions on my farm, can I use some of the harvest to replant (unless someone sacks my farm of course)?
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