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[NA] Blessings Guild [PVX] [Trade/Diplomatic] Easy to join!


Blessings is a expertly managed and well rounded guild to suit ALL players needs! We are looking for players of ALL AGE GROUPS with availability to play and contribute at least 2-3 hours a day. The guild leaders have extensive experience managing and growing new guilds to epic proportions! We have a discord and teamspeak and we will hold bi-weekly meetings when the game is launched. Message me for further details or applications!
Our website is not designed to be a forum. Our discord contains any and all information needed for: guild events, notices etc.

TS: (Message [NPG] Michael)

Our guild will provide any need you desire such as:
– Body guarding caravans/diplomats!
– Any Scale Battles!
– Node Raids!
– Military Style Structure!
– Dungeon Crawls!
– Exploring!
– Recruiting!
[Trading/Resource Gathering]
– Gathering Resources!
– Trading with other guilds/nodes!
– Work with diplomats to establish trade routes!
– Form Alliances with other nodes/guilds!
– Establish Trade routes!
– Strategic planning!
– Mercenaries (work with ANY of the 4 sections listed above!)
(Name changed from spark industries to blessings.)


  • PVP
    Of Moose And Men-PVP Section Leader
    Hey! Welcome to Blessings! Here we're going to gather those interested in the mechanics of the game, exploring the structure of the world, and focus on having fun in PVP. We'll be creating events and hosting fun group activities to help establish member coordination when in battle. Overall, we'll be well-endowed , dedicated, and POWERFUL!!!!
  • Are you on board the hype train yet? Why not join the Blessings train as well and come join us at discord, teamspeak, or the official Blessings Guild website! Let's get ready for that kickstarter and remember folks, Stay Blessed!
  • why go solo ? its gets boring playing by yourself so join we are nice group of guys and the leader pretty cool and chill so join blessings today!
  • would like to join
    already in discord
  • You guys should deff join this guild!
  • Guild Is YEET, that is all
  • Growing exponentially well.
  • Thanks for joining!
  • Great group of people ! Great support through the whole guild. Awesome leadership.
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