Is there gonna be a killboard ?
I know it prolly make not much sense to most of the player from medieval game but in Eve, having a killboard ( those are the ship you kill) is a big thing. It help value the pvp night you just had and whenever you cant play, you can folow the feud that either your <del>guild</del> corporation or other are having.
In this game, you could have like idk, these 3 player, 3 class are display with name and affiliation (guild or kingdom or something like that), kill this person. Has long has ppl are dying, it leave a trace. If for example, you see like couple ppl dying in the same region at like the same time, you can clic on a name, and make a battlereport. Where it show all the player involve, alliance, npc ect.
So for example, this X person die, cause he got pk by these 3 dude in that region. 5 minute later, X person guild ear about it and group up and you see the 3 dude got kill by X dude guild. Then 10 min later, a full guild on guild fight start at X location and even ppl that werent anywhere close to the event can folow the story.
Here i link the eve killboard that im thinking about so if you dont know what it is, you could get a idea about it.
<a href="" target="_blank">Killboard</a>
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