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Server mergers

Ok so we all know this game is getting a lot of hype and a lot of people will be wanting to give this game a try at launch. We also know that inevitably many people try a game for a while and even as amazing as this one looks right now, it will not be for everyone. People will try it for 1-3 months and leave. Servers will become less populated. In most games this isnt really a problem. The devs shut down the extra launch servers and merge players into other servers with all their acquired gear/gold. However AoC will be different because of the nodes. What happens if Im on a server and have invested heavily in a science metropolis in the first 2 months and then that server gets picked to be shut down and Im merged into another server which, as we have learned, will have a completely different world/node progression? I have no doubt the devs will try to make this as fair as possible but because this game will not have a completely static world/cities as other MMOs do, mergers do seem like they will be a good bit harder to pull off.


  • This is something I have been wondering about. It's going to depend on how quickly nodes progress I think. I get the impression they don't level up very quickly, so the impact of inevitable server merges might not be that great. It might also be possable to copy over node progress from the culled server. (I'm assuming things like cities havn't formed yet ofc)
  • I would guess they would choose the lowest pip server and let them decide whete they want to so they could hopefully move to a server with a similar node set up. But im not sure how theyd manage player built house etc too.
  • Thats a very good question @ToKev
  • Hmm. After seeing the headline of the topic i was going to say "Dude this isn't ArcheAge forums!" but yeah.

    In case if some of the servers die out, I personally don't mind giving up on all my personal and our guild earnings for a better server - for a more competitive server. I think merges are mostly about sacrifices of the community. The technical way can always be found as long as the community is fine with the results.
  • Or are there going to be servers like pve, pvp, rp? I prefer rp-pvp ones.
  • There will be no way to do a server merger with a game like Ashes. Just allow free Character transfers with all their stuff including housing deeds but it will be up to the players to move their characters when servers shut down. Also there will be a lot of people that will want to play on low pop servers because there will likely be less PKers and all.
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