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Ashens [NA]

My greetings to the future players of Ashes of Creation,

It is my intent to create a guild, a great one, the greatest one, one capable of uniting all of the world as we know it and bring all races together in peace.

is my dream to do so, one that will be impossible without your support.

Ashens will welcome all players, may they be hardcores players or casuals, each of you will be of help toward our goal.

How will the guild work ? It will be led by I and a council of 15 trusted members. Following there will be the officers and their assistants of each division of our guild, which are as follow:

The PvE Division: Focus on hunting, level up, and bring down the strongest and most vicious bosses.

The Crafting Division: Those people will focus on crafting, from the hardest armor to the most sharp sword to the most intricate potion, nothing will be out of reach for our masters of crafts

The Lore Division: Will focus on uncovering the story and plots in this intricate and mysterious world, perfect if you are looking to explore the world, or If you love uncovering mysteries. They will also mark areas containing valuable ressources.

The Logistic Division: To make an empire is hard feat, to maintain one is an even harder one. Those people will be in charge of the city as well as the logistics behind the armies, everything will be coordinated by this division. At first they will be responsible of maintaining the guild while ratting out the inactive players and those who only cause disruption. We don't require hardcores players, but we do require you to be beneficial to the guild in one way or another.

The PvP Division: People assigned to this division will be the first one picked to fight if there is a need to, and will also be the ones chosen first for any PvP events that might happen, people playing in this division might be part of another division as well, since PvP will not always be present, especially in the early stages.

The Economic Division: You prefer to play as a merchant? You want to specialize in trading and become more wealthy than other players? Then this division is for you.

We will also have special groups that will only come into effect in later stages of the games when big wars start happening,
for example the "Disruptors," a team of select players and classes which whole purpose will be to cause a disaster and destroy order at a certain point of the enemy army. Those will be talked more about once we reach a certain stage of the game and we have a list of players to work with. Those groups will be independent of the divisions, and will come only in effect during wars.

How do you join our guild? First you have to be over 15, then we want you to be able to use Discord, as we will have a server set up by the time the game starts. This discord will be set up with different voice channels to enhance players efficiency in hunting, crafting, exploring, etc.
( If you don't like talking to others for some reason then the use of discord will still be required so you can still listen)

Getting higher rank in the guild will be done through achievements in the respective areas of the guild, may it be killing on boss thought to be impossible to kill, find essential informations or exploring and finding ancient and legendary items or completing the hardest quests, promotions will be given as long as you work hard.

As you know there will be 8 different classes: Fighter, Tank, Rogue, Ranger, Mage, Summoner, Cleric, and Bard. You will be able to start as one class then mix it with another once you reach a certain level, so we would like it if in your response to this post you include
1) your starting class you think you will start with
2) the class you will add on to your first one, and
3) which division you are the most interested in/ want to join.

Also feedback is welcome from players if you think a new division might be useful to our guild for example.

We want to create a guild that will dominate in many areas, may it be PvP, PvE, or knowledge of the world or even political power, we want players with all kind of different taste, different preferences in how they will play the game, as diversity will make us stronger.

You want to be the best at PvP? You are welcome.
You want to spend your whole time crafting, or exploring the unknown lands? You are welcome.
You want to spend your whole time causing disruption in the guild and be infamous with all the players? Look elsewhere.

Only together can we make this dream a reality, and I believe through cooperation can we really rule these lands, explore to the edges of the world and take down the colossal bosses. And we can do all of that having fun with friends, old and new.

<em>We are the ashes and like a Phoenix we shall rise; we are the sun; dawn is coming...</em>
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