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Most Promising MMO to Date

I found out about this MMO from TheLazyPeon. I have watched every piece of media and combed through the website and forums. I have to admit, I and more impressed with the concepts behind this MMO than I have ever been. Truly excited and looking forward to becoming a backer next week.


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    Hey Dragnon and welcome to the community!

    Have you already read this <a href="" target="_blank">community doc</a> -file? It offers up to date info about everything we currently know of the game. If you can't find answers to your questions in there, join the official <a href="" target="_blank">community discord</a> channel for 24/7 community guidance. Also you might bump into Steven and Yavie while you're there ;)

    Also feel free to ask anything from me here (or on discord). Hope you'll have a great time waiting the game launch!
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    Welcome Dragnon! Good to have you join us friend. Yes this MMO is looking to be sick. We can only hope the devs can pull it off.
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    Hi there, I've also discovered a part of this game thanks to The LazyPeon and Ashes of Creation looks promising so far !
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