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Number of characters per account, bank, farm outside of node

I have played a number of different MMOs since 2008 and have a couple of questions.

1. Is there a limit to the number of characters you can make per account?

2. Will a character have a bank account they can store items in or a bank per account like Black Desert Online?

3. If you place a farm outside of a node area, can it be attacked and you loose all you have put into the farm?

4. I had read that your bag space will depend on your crafted bag, everyone will need to craft their own bag or do you look for someone who has crafted bags and buy one? Or, will the crafted bag fit in a bag slot like EQ2?


  • [quote quote=10921]I have played a number of different MMOs since 2008 and have a couple of questions.



    it appears that many of these questions are outside of the faqs and videos so from what we know and can speculate on;

    1: On a recent discord reveal Steven said that he was open to more than one character per account (for espionage, etc) but did not specify a number or limit.

    2: If we know that there is a caravan system for moving large amounts of resources and goods then it appears that while there may be local storage (within a node) there will be no universal storage bank vault.

    3: The are three house types; two are within the city and then there is a homestead lot than can be claimed/bought outside the city walls but still inside a node's zone of influence. Can it be attacked? Dunno, but if a city can be attacked then what makes any place safe?

    4: Bags - Haven't read any info about this myself, perhaps someone else has stumbled on this. Have seen mentioned a "gathering bag" system but little details about it yet.
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