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My name is Amalie, and I am from Denmark. I'm a huge MMORPG lover, but as of late I feel like the genre has been lacking, or at least every game that I've played had some issue that were just too big for me to continue playing, wether it'd be grind, or just nothing to do at endgame. I found out about this game today, and I like many others, are super excited to be a part of this community and to see the developement of this game.

This forum was mostly made in order to chit-chat with others that just recently found out about this game, and also I just wanted to get the community going, and create a possitive environment for all of those who are looking forward to playing the game.

I should start the conversation.

What races are you looking forward to/hoping will be introduced in the near future?


  • Hi Amelia, I 100% agree that the genre/games in the genre are missing some elements. It's more or less as the creators state <a href="">here</a>, every game have positives and negatives. And what we are looking for (and they are trying to create), is the flawless mix of all this :)

    Regarding your question; I've always liked the oldschool interpretation of the dwarves: small and strong cave-dwellers. Good at mining, not that bright etc. etc.
    Alternatively I'd like to see a proper interpretation of the "dark-elves" race (kinda hard without a factions-system maybe...) More or less as they are described in the book-series: Dwarves. In that series dark elves basicly build cities of human bones, paint on skin and so on.
  • Glad to see I'm not the only dane looking forward to this!

    I really do enjoy the oldschool interpretation of dwarves too. The basic races of MMO's (elves, humans, dwarves and orcs) have always been some of my favorites, yet I'm looking forward to see if they're trying something new and fresh out. I hope that we won't end up with like 3 different types of human races with different names, that are basicly the same. I've seen games do this type of thing before and I dislike it a lot. I like variety in terms of costomization .


    Better not be naughty then!
  • Hello! Im John, or Red! I'd defiantly like to see a class heavily focused around magic, and on that same line, dark magic. The class would not have high HP, but would output insane amounts of AoE damage. It could also have healing spells, etc. I really like magic classes and it would be great to see one in-game. Like you said Amalie, I would not like to see three different kinds of human classes, but! If there is human classes, I'd love to see them not be really cliche.. Like "Warrior" or "Archer" because most human classes are like that.. We need variety!

  • Hi John! I really like your ideas for the various different classes, and I'm really looking forward to see what the developers can come up with! What other types of games do/have you been playing before or whilst discovering this?
  • Also 100% agree that it can be annoying with the generic classes, but to some degree its nice that it keeps some form of realism ;)

    Just a thought that struck me before. Would you guys rather see a system kinda like WoW, where races get aprox. 3/4 of the classes available? or something more race bound like: "humans dont have magical blood, so they are confined to normal classes" or "elves find it beneath them to trample the peasant mud, so they can't be tanks" etc. etc.

    Thoughts? :)
  • Id like that, but I would like some kind of exception also... For example, you can find an item that gives you the ability to be reborn, but that item gives you a certain quality that allows you to be a mage as a human, or something along those lines..
  • Great ideas, both of you! I'd love it if it was some sort of random or ultra rare thing, so that when you encounter a person with the ability to play something their race usually wouldn't be able to do, you'd be amazed.
  • Welcome to AoC and to the community!
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