Beginner's Zone

What are your plans for the beginner's zone when it comes to the population or the liveliness of the area? Will it become empty eventually like other modern MMOs?

I used to not care about this but I feel like a game with empty beginner's zone is just not the game I want to play IF i'm the kind of person who joins in the game after a year or so since its launch.


  • You might get this added to a future QnA by posting on the Discord channel <a href=""># ask_intrepid</a>. Others may have stumbled across a remark or two from a dev that mentioned something in <a href=""># ashes_discussion</a>.

    Currently over 2200 people in the latter and the comments are whipping past. :)
  • I think what will end up happening if we are truely thrown into an 'empty' world is that people will start off near the portals anyway and nodes while maybe not becoming metropalises will likely become towns. And while at the start of the game wont everyone it will help people that join later on.
  • I guess i just miss those days where the beginner's zone in MMOs is actually well populated and there are people to talk to for in-game questions. Maybe that's just me. I tried playing other games these past few days and 90% of the games don't have people at the beginner's zone. It's just so hard to talk to people because you can't even post in world chat at level 1 or if you pm someone who's been spamming "WTS/WTB" in chat, they won't respond to you because idk... they just dgaf.

    We'll see... i'll probably see a discussion about this somewhere.
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