Please make one jaw-droppingly beautiful zone

Hi there. I have a weird pet peeve with 99% of mmos out there today. I am tired of the final zone that you will ding max level in is ALWAYS dark and macabre, the music is dismal and unnerving. Please make the final zone where I will hit max level gorgeous. Waterfalls, mist, lush green, lakes, rivers with white water and rivers with clear slow moving water. Make it a reward for us. Also please make tree houses that players can build, like extensive tree houses. I feel like a kid making a list for santa.


  • Well, first off, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it's personal preference what you find to be beautiful. The other thing is that as far as I'm aware, this game won't have designated leveling zones like in other mmorpgs where each zone is a specific level bracket. From what I understand, when a node levels up it will unlock higher level content for you to level in. So if you want a beautiful "end-game" zone then find a node that is beautiful to you and spend a lot of time in it to level it up to a metropolis.
  • But we don't know. So this was my hail marry attempt at planting a seed in the minds of environmental artists. Lemme frame beauty a little, not macabre, not dark.
  • But darkness and lava are hardcore! Jokes aside, from the <a href="">very little we've been able to see</a> so far, I expect to find much beauty in this game.
  • For one, we don't entirely know how progression will work location-wise. Based off of recent updates, players may very well be reaching max level in the main cities they began their journey in. Secondly, we don't know yet the extents of which the environments vary. The main theme of this game's aesthetic seems to be that of wilderness. Many games I assume you are referencing likely deal with some sort of calamity or light vs darkness battle. Based off recent info, I would be a bit surprised to see "lava world" "ice world" type environments.
  • Please make all of the zones this good! =p

    Otherwise that one zone's beauty will be marred by constant war and no one can enjoy it without being promptly stabbed.
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