NPC Pathing and Purpose

Love the new blog video on the stage 5 node - metropolis. I know it's early and the finer details are probably a long way from implementation, so I'm hoping there's already a plan to address NPC pathing and purpose. I noticed in the new video that a fair amount of NPCs walk around the city. I also noticed that some of them turn on a dime like they forgot their wallet at home, or like there are waypoints they must follow very strictly by straight lines. It's not like I wouldn't play the game over something like this, but it is kind of an immersion killer, and considering the point of many NPCs walking through the city is for the purpose of immersion...

One of the ideas the devs of EQNext had mentioned before the game went belly up was that all NPCs had a purpose. If they were walking somewhere it wasn't just a random walking somewhere. They had jobs to do and were doing them, or things to buy and were buying them. Looks like the NPCs in AoC are unemployed tourists. Give 'em baskets and sacks and animals and stuff to do. They're completing quests, too, right?

I'd also like panhandlers I can knock over with my horse. :)


  • Yeah. That's one of the first things I want in a mmorpg. It adds loads of dynamism with how you can interact with npcs and adds a huge amount of potential fun.
  • This was covered to some degree in one of the blogs...

    But agreed, nothing should exist without a reason to do so.
    Tracking various animals to find crafting nodes etc.
    It means everything must have a time and a place too...or more simply.. Biomes.

    They may well engineer races to capitalise and harmonise with these environments or biomes.
    Natural habitat advantages.....and foreign habitat disadvantages.
  • @SLSteele
    I'll definitely keep this on in mind. Seems good. NPCs that has Goals of it's own as opposed to just walking aimlessly. but then again ... i wonder how an NPC would set-up shop ?  :o

    (a shop - or vendor - similar to a Bazaar )
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