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Base Lore

I know that this mmo will have a lore that is created by the community and their actions , but this game still does need a base lore. I don't know anything about this game , soooo what are yout suggestions?


  • Well, all im seeing is the blue rapture thing everywhere in the site, so maybe thats related to something in the lore.
    What about...

    (Note the Ones are the player characters, Ones is a placeholder.)

    <em>"...It has all crumbled to tiny pieces of rubble, our great civilization, our Kingdoms, our towns, everything... The Rapture has taken everything. All that is left are abandoned cities, all broken into pieces. Ruins of a once great civilization, broken into bits of pieces by the Rapture. The Rapture is massive, and nothing can stop it, but it has been weakened momentarily... We must find a way to stop it.
    There is a legend of mighty heroes known as the Ones that could stop this Rapture once, in the past. These legends were told to the kids, in hopes of cheering them up if the Rapture was ever to come back. Now, the kids are the least that need to be cheered up. We must seek for the Ones, it does not matter how much the townspeople call it just a legend, it is our only hope.

    Now, you might ask, where does this Rapture come from?

    Well, this Rapture dates back to the First Period of recorded history, the Ennithlic era. A mage known as Kla'voc was trying to surpass his fellow mages by fusing light magic with dark magic. The fusion created a blue spark, this blue spark was known as the Exodus, because he believed it was the way to a new world of magic, beyond comprehension. Kla'voc kept studying this "Exodus", and tried to fuse it with more dark magic. The result was catastrophic, the Exodus expanded and absorbed everything in its vicinity. The Exodus expanded and absorbed most of the kingdom, until a small group of people known as the Ones managed to contain it and keep it in an orb, hidden deep within the kingdom of Krevon. Kla'voc kept all his studies in a book, known as "Exodian Study". This book was lost to the Exodus, but it is believed a copy of it exists somewhere, and the masses are looking for that book. Some are looking for power, some for the greater good, and some... for corruption.

    Today, It is the Fifth Period, the Perditic Era. Perditic is derived from Perditio, which is latin for destruction. Hope is lost, but not all of it. You are different, some say you are a descendant of the Ones, I believe this myself. You can save us, hero. You are our salvation. We need to start rebuilding our kingdoms, our cities, gather weapons, gather armor, find the "Exodian Study", and close this Rapture once and for all. Only you can save us, One."</em>

    <strong>Let me know what you think!
  • [quote quote=1113]<font><font>Bueno, todo im ver es la cosa azul rapto por todas partes en el sitio, así que tal vez eso es algo relacionado con la tradición. </font></font><font><font>
    Qué pasa…</font></font>

    <font><font>(Tenga en cuenta los Seres son los personajes del jugador, queridos es un marcador de posición.)</font></font>

    <em><font><font>"... Todo ha derrumbado a pequeños trozos de escombros, nuestra gran civilización, nuestros reinos, nuestros pueblos, todo ... El éxtasis ha llevado todo. </font><font>Todo lo que queda son las ciudades abandonadas, todo roto en pedazos. </font><font>Ruinas de una gran civilización, roto en pedazos de piezas por el rapto. </font><font>El éxtasis es enorme, y nada puede detenerlo, pero se ha debilitado por un momento ... Tenemos que encontrar una manera de detenerlo. </font></font><font><font>
    Hay una leyenda de los héroes poderosos conocidos como los que podrían detener este éxtasis una vez, en el pasado. </font><font>Estas leyendas se les dijo a los niños, con la esperanza de animarlos si el rapto fue nunca para volver. </font><font>Ahora, los niños son lo mínimo que necesita ser animado. </font><font>Hay que buscar para los más, no importa lo mucho que la gente del pueblo lo llaman sólo una leyenda, es nuestra única esperanza.</font></font></em>
    <font><font>Ahora, usted puede preguntar, ¿de dónde viene este rapto viene?</font></font>

    <font><font>Pues bien, este rapto se remonta a la primera época de la historia registrada, la era Ennithlic. </font><font>Un mago conocido como Kla'voc estaba tratando de superar sus compañeros magos por fusión de luz mágica con la magia oscura. </font><font>La fusión crea una chispa azul, esta chispa azul era conocido como el Éxodo, porque creía que era el camino a un nuevo mundo de la magia, más allá de la comprensión. </font><font>Kla'voc mantuvo el estudio de este "Éxodo", y trató de fusionarse con más magia oscura. </font><font>El resultado fue catastrófico, el Éxodo se expandió y se absorbe todo en su vecindad. </font><font>El Éxodo se expandió y se absorbe la mayor parte del reino, hasta que un pequeño grupo de personas conocidas como los Seres lograron contenerlo y mantenerlo en un orbe, escondido en lo profundo dentro del reino de Krevon. </font><font>Kla'voc mantuvo todos sus estudios en un libro, conocido como "Estudio Exodian". </font><font>Este libro se perdió en el Éxodo, pero se cree una copia de ella existe en alguna parte, y las masas están buscando ese libro. </font><font>Algunos están buscando poder, algunos por el bien mayor, y algunos ... para la corrupción. </font></font>

    </em><em><font><font>Hoy en día, es el quinto periodo, la era Perditic. </font><font>Perditic se deriva de Perditio, que es latino para su destrucción. </font><font>Se pierde la esperanza, pero no toda ella. </font><font>Usted es diferente, algunos dicen que es un descendiente de los Seres, creo que esto mismo. </font><font>Usted nos puede ahorrar, héroe. </font><font>Usted es nuestra salvación. </font><font>Tenemos que empezar a reconstruir nuestros reinos, nuestras ciudades, se reúnen las armas, se reúnen armadura, encontrar el "Estudio Exodian", y cerrar esta rapto de una vez por todas. </font><font>Sólo nos puede salvar, Uno ".</font></font></em>

    <strong><font><font>¡Déjame saber lo que piensas! </font></font><font><font>


    When continue? clap clap clap!!!!!
  • Thank you! Maybe ill make a full post on it!
  • I like the first part a lot, very "lorely" if you get what I mean.
    Second half not so much, it kinda feels like a list or recitation of the history. It is almost like its too fast :( Also the line leading into it is almost to obvious, heres some other ideas (that might be better, idk :) ):

    - "<em>Little is known about the origins of the Rapture, but some say that....</em>"
    - "<em>If only we could say that the Rapture was the work of [EVIL-ONES], sadly this was not the case..</em>."
    - "<em>From the remnants of the great fortress Ros'vedan, the torn pages of the 'Exodus Study' where found, telling the tale of the Rapture</em>"

    (Note that these are only basic ideas for the "binding" line, and I'm not really an english genious, so take what you can use.)

    Other points to consider:
    - I could be wrong on this, but doesnt english usually only have one comma per sentence? In other languages you can have "nested sentences", but you dont in english. As I said, I've got no clue whether or not this is true or not. Someone smarter than me should clarify that :)
    - If you do choose a new "binding sentence", then consider rewritting a bit of the text to fit :)
    - Even though in this case "the Rapture" is a name, would'nt it be fitting to sometimes use "the Rupture" too?

    Regards from Jule, Hope a little constructive criticism helps :)
  • Thanks for the criticism! I am also not very sure about the comma thing.. hah. But yeah, the second part was slightly rushed.. I was in a hurry. I like your style alot! Thanks again, let me see what I can write :)
  • Seems we step through some type of a portal...
  • [quote quote=1320]Seems we step through some type of a portal…

    Yup seems that way, I think this was before that information though :) (Not completely sure though).
  • So first I posted this in the Gods topic, but then I saw that you are discussing the basic lore, so I will just put it here. :

    I love origin stories. I just thought up some basic stuff as well:

    <em>"A few million years after the beginning of time, a small world was formed. One divine being took interest in it and traveled there to watch it grow.
    At first there were the elements (fire, air, water, earth, and so on). Later out of these elements the being formed the primordial beasts (from fire the phoenix, from earth the giant mountain tortoise, from water the Kraken or giant Whale or Krakenwhale :D, from air the Windsparrow). The divine being taught them some of his knowledge. But after a time, he had to leave the world behind. The beasts stayed behind to watch over the planet, and they lived in harmony with each other and with the world.

    After a time, lesser races started to appear (men, elves, orks, dwarves) the primordial beasts didn't care too much because they were left alone. At first they lived peacefully and in harmony as well, they even revered the primordial elemental beasts as gods. But as centuries/millennia went by, they started to destroy their surroundings waging wars with eachother, and killing the planet around them. In their arrogance they even forgot the holy beasts that they revered so much. The primordial beasts (aka gods :D) started to grow irritated, that their world slowly but steadily is destroyed by these lesser races, so they sent their servants, to warn the lesser races to stop what they are doing. But the lesser races were not interested, they even attacked the servans of the great beasts.

    In their fury the beasts rose up from their elemental thrones and marched against the humanoids to wipe them out. The lesser races were much in number, and they were advanced as well, but they were still not a mach against the elements. Slowly(in a few decades) they were losing. At the end only 4 cities remained, but there was no hope.

    This was the time when a young girl and a boy / brother and sister (who came from a family who still believed in the gods don'T really know from which race :P ), decided to ask the Phoenix (primordial of fire) to help them somehow survive (Why the phoenix? Because it is the beast of rebirth/second ties/renewal). The phoenix was not interested in them but it was in its nature to believe in second chances, so it set a challenge to them (which I haven't thought trough yet, so I just leave it for later :D ). They finished/survived the challenge, so the phoenix told them of a spell/way, how to leave this world (Basically it gave them the knowledge about a portal). And because it saw that these people were not evil, and they had a bright future in secret it gave them something as well, what it didn't told them about -it put the "The Spark of Life" inside their soul-.

    They went back to the last cities, and gave each one a copy of the portal, so they could escape.
    When the Great Primordial beasts started the last and biggest attack (without the phoenix he stayed home :) ) they were just done with the portals, and at a great cost (while their warriors hold back the beasts and their servants) they could evacuate to an other world.

    After the battle no humanoid was left in this world, the primordial beasts found the portals (what they tried to destroy, but the humanoids put all their knowledge and best materials in them, so they were invincible-ish :) ), and they knew that the Phoenix gave the lesser races the knowledge to build these. They became mad with fury and went to the Phoenix. All of them together destroyed it and nothing but ash was left at the throne of fire. The primordials went back to their thrones, and fell asleep (they were tired, they used up their energies fighting the humanoids and the Phoenix).

    Little did they know, but their madness, rage and massacring the lesser races woke something up that was sleeping since the beginning of time. First it was just a small crack in space/dimension, deep under the world's surface, in a dark cave. but slowly it started to grow.

    Time passed... years, decades, centuries went by.
    The world healed its scars. The only reminder of the ancient conflicts - the portals- were covered with various weeds and plants. A small tremor was felt, and suddenly the portals - all 4 - one after an other were activated. It was first one figure who stepped out of the portal but this figure was followed by many other. The same thing happened at the remaining 3 portals as well.
    And in this same moment at the abandoned throne of fire, in the ashes of the Phoenix a little spark could be seen, and in the mids of the ashes, a small egg has been formed..."</em>

    So this is the story that I thought out. :D Sorry for the bad English, and for the weird names. :)
    So what do you think? :)
  • @Trem
    Nice read.
  • Yea feeling we need that base lore to properly develop guild lore and character backstories.
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