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AoC will be lawless: anecdotal possibility

Lately, I've been hanging in the AoC Discord listening to people boast of their future greatness, eagerly discuss what can and cannot be, and dream of how they will finally get to play an MMO the way they want to play it. So cool!

Now I love playing the hero. It's so fun to fight back oppressive and chaotic forces, govern well, and be a man of the people. The problem? No one else thinks so! Of the people I've either spoken to or messaged, at least 70% want to be murderers and bandits! I almost can't believe it.

So the question: with so many players taking the outlaw route, will the world be born and remain in total chaos? Opine!


  • I think you'll find that a lot of the people on Discord are the outspoken minority. In reality there should be a good balance between "good" and "evil" players. Of course, that is pure speculation, but I know there are a lot of people who are just wanting to be simple craftsman and traders.
  • They only go rogue when there is nothing left to gain otherwise. You're not going to hear from the 'outspoken tradesman' cause that type of player isn't a loud mouth personality. Also, what fun would it be to be a hero/good guy without any bad guys?
  • Like any mmo there will be those out to make other people's lives miserable but there will be plenty of others happy to go about their own business.
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