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Fishing Mechanics? Community Q&A?

This post is to seek answers from either the AOC Development Team, and or our Community members that have received official information.

<blockquote>Question for AOC Team:</blockquote>

* Will AOC fishing mechanics be aiming for the same MMORPG standard for fishing with its own little twist, and or will it strive to add something rare and new as some MMORPG developers have done? For example, "Immersive Fishing" which has been added to "Mabinogi's - Manual Fishing" or "Acheage's - Sport Fishing".

<strong>Lets keep this forum alive while waiting on official information, by also asking the community some questions</strong>

1) What has been some of your favorite fishing experiences in the MMORPG world?

2) What advice would you give the AOC Team about good fishing mechanics that you have experienced?

3) What would you like to see or do with your own fellow AOC Fishing community on launch?


  • Community Questions:

    1) One of my best fishing experiences was back in Runescape Classic (Karamja Island). Back in the early days before the economy got ruined, i loved going to Karamja Island to go fishing. While waiting for your inventory to fill, it was like entering a chat room. It was very very alive, nice people and always funny story's and jokes to pass the time while we all waited. Made many new friends in the game that later helped in other parts of the game, and when it came to late night gaming, it was never a boring time.

    2) I would say if i had to give any advice to the AOC Team, it would be that Immersive Fishing, while slower, can give the player a real sense of accomplishment and keep people entertained. For myself i would love to see something like this added to the game, either with standard fishing, or special event fishing.

    3) Honestly i would love to see the fishing community be like it was back in the day of Runescape Classic, and have it a fun mature group making friends and chatting it up. While at the same time, finding some gathering guild out there that might help bring even more people together.
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