Hello everyone!

<strong>Hey</strong>! I'm Elliot, an MMO Player who has played games such as BDO/WoW/GW2/ESO & Archeage. After these games I've clearly developed to try and find out what I enjoy and dislike about MMORPGs apart from the obvious cash-walls, rng or lack of balance.

After looking into the interesting background to intrepid studios and what they plan to do with this game. I'm proud to say I'll be joining this community and hopefully backing the game on kick-starter in the upcoming crowdfunding.

<em>Thanks!</em> ^^


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    Hey welcome to the community ;)
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    Welcome Elliot!

    Feel free to join the AoC Discord channel – https://discord.gg/tnb7Wvk – !

    Also, just about everything known about AoC has been compiled into a google docs file, here’s the link – https://docs.google.com/document/d/14luppZ3Ub8jmcw_aK65QWxYY4xa8qAo9zRfpYWBxOXE/edit#

    Again, welcome to the AoC community it’s a pleasure to meet you.
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    Welcome Elliot! Good to have you join us friend. I'm hyped for this game so much as well!
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