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We can i platinblond Art KS-Date?

Sorry Bad englisch fromme here. I have See a KickStarte Date Art 01.05.2017 übt i dont see we i can downloading a Client for this. Also Must i pay a paket from the Game that i can Planung the KS?


  • The kickstart date starts May 1'st, but the First alpha (which is only handpicked and randomly selected people) starts in the 4th quarter of 2017. When you help with the kickstarter, those people wont get to play until early 2018
  • Ah ok thanks. I Hope i have this Vorrecht Unterstand. I only wait that from a Mail with key for KS or i dont. Can. Planung. Ather i can only wait, wait,wait))
  • Q1 Of 2018 is the earliest you can play, by purchasing Alpha access for the game.
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