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edited February 2018 in Ashes of Creation Design
For this Topic I came up with the fallowing Idea : If you kill a Friendly NPC or player with in town limits you go to jail; If you steal you go to jail. Now what happens in jail : Well depending on the class you should have a different possibility to escape also you get to stay in jail more depending of the gravity of the crime 1-4 hours, as such: A Mage could teleport on the other side of a wall once every 1 min but he would still have to evade guards to reach the place his gear is stored in, if he fails then the jail time is renewed, but he can try again. A rogue would get a mini jumping puzzle along the cell walls when the guard is not looking to reach an air shaft and then like the mage evade the guards to get to his gear.A warrior would (being the strongest arc type) remove the bars of the cell window one by one every time the guard looks away. Now if they get caught both warriors and rogues would be thrown in new cells where they would have to start over again, and this time the escape difficulty level will be going up(for either one) for each time they get caught trying. Also as a helping hand, if there is more then 1 person in a cell they can party and escape together, for example if a rogue parties with a warrior he can help the big guy get up the shaft and then new options open up on how to get to the chest containing the gear. So as to not make it too lame, occasionally certain events might happen in prison like(no, no dropping of the soap events sorry) the guards being in the mood to gamble(if your crime is petty) and if he looses 3 in a row he will let you go(if the crime is level is high then you just loose crime levels for every best 2 of 3 rounds you win), or a guard goes to sleep and you get a quicktime event to fish for his keys, or sometimes he might get negligent and one of the rogues might be able to pickpocket his keys. NOW if you're a good boy/girl and choose not to escape after "repenting for your sins" you get let go however at random the guard will choose one of your belongings and keep it , giving you a replica in return that has the same stats(and maybe enchants) only a much lower durability and value (because it's a fake), however if you're a rogue(major or minor) and your pick pocketing skills are good enough you can attempt to steal it back, but if you get caught  it's back in the cell "with the boyz".  AS FOR THOSE WHO MANAGE TO ESCAPE, you will have a fugitive debuff for 1 hour as a result of which guards won't become instantly aggressive towards you but they will be weary, sometimes even doing the old "Hey I know you!" Shtick, and if you even try to pickpocket someone in front of them with this debuff on they will catch you before you even get to do it, also if you sit too long around them they will recognize you and chase you down. Now before you get thrown in jail the first time or later on they will have to catch you for that every arc type should have it's own way of escaping : Rogues either climb up buildings fast and parkour through the city till they escape or hide in specific cramped place or tunnels maybe even take to the sewers. Warriors would have the option of climbing and parkour-ing or fighting  their way out or grab the nearest horse and try to make a run for the nearest forest, or take to the sewers if the entranse is large enough. And mages/Clerics could either buff themselves and run for it or teleport to the nearest safe place and try to stay low for a while.(maybe they could also parkour or hide in cramped places like rogues, maybe even the sewers) Now as for running in general, all would get a stamina bat and after it get's depleted they end up Jogging. Rogues would end up with a medium sized bar( say 150 stam) but a +15% speed Warriors would have a large stamina bar( about 200) but a lower speed then normal because he'd be cladded in heavy armor so 85%(or 90%) sprint speed And Casters would have a small stamina bar(because they are the bookish type and thus not vary fit, so 100 stam and them being casters means they could "cheat" by either buffing their speed for a short while or use instant short distance teleports (blink spell  from wow). Now for the scenarios above the 3 classes were as fallows Rogue -Ideally a Goblin (think Styx) Warrior - a heavy armored Orc with a Sword and Board Caster- Elf /human with robes on and a staff the Gandolf hat , all of it (Just ho you guys get the scale of it all ) This is all I could come up with and I realize most of it is taken from already existing games, but Imo this would be the way to do them right, also some of it is taken from my own sick mind . Also this is not 100% and any constructive criticism would be appreciated may we can help this guys make the best MMO ever. 
Note: What I said about the cases should apply to both Pure 100% Arc-types as well as hybrid classes. Only hybrids should worn on the principle "Jack of all trades, master of none!"


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    I like your ideas of how to escape and the fugitive debuff that effects how npc treat you.

    It would be cool if other players could bribe you free or rescue you through combat.

    Imo prision should be for failing <strong>game mechanics </strong>and not to control players play style within the community.
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    I like your Idea as well :) 
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    I wrote my  idea one year ago :)  things change :) 
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    Yep, quote is from 4 months before you did. Happens when people necro threads. People think information hasn't changed if they don't bother to look at the date and get all excited they found something that fits their narrative. I am not saying your ideas aren't good, I am pointing out that they have said it is not a part of the "vision" of the great lord and sandal master.
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