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About the Character Customization

Hey there !

I have been hyped about this game for some quite time now. I noticed the amazing features, written on how amazing people say the gameplay would be. I've been roaming across the forums for a while and just thought about our own Character customization. Various races were mentioned and giving a thought about it, I was wondering..

What about the Avatar customization ? Is there one ? Or will the game itself generate a character, based from it's race and class ? Or is there already a reserved role character for each races ?

I'm sorry for asking too many questions. And if there's already a Thread or blog about it, please reply to me the URL. I'm just pretty much excited to play it ~o~ And I'm sorry if I sound noob-ish about it ;u;


  • Somewhere I heard that your class and race are not limited to each other. You can play how you like. But the races and classes do affect each other with difrent bonusses and maybe augement spells if I am right.

    But as far as custimization goes I am sure they will let us create our own personal character.
  • I think you will find this helpful and it has the answers to your questions:
  • Thank you ^^
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