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Interaction with NPC

How about iteraction's with NPC, for example You became a feudal lord and u can recruit NPC for some actions, recruit regular army or smth like this, and u can manage this squad, at least put the task.
For expample Guard your caravan, or help to your guild on siege


  • They are implementing something where you can hire gaurds to gaurd your caravan, but beyond that im not sure
  • There's little information available on this as is, so we'll see. However, in my opinion, I'd rather see more focus on others already announced aspects and systems of the game, rather than something else. How exactly would you suggest than an army of NPCs should be implemented? Wouldn't everyone constantly take the free backup into their sieges? Do you really want to have to clear through a bunch of minions before you get to fight the other players? If you want siege backup, just get more people on your side through established alliances, I find that much more exciting than the immersion I could get from talking to an NPC and paying for backup from scripted AI.
    I understand that was just a simple suggestion, and that you could give other examples for NPC interaction that I could find amazing, my main point is that I'll probably be much more satisfied with the systems already announced, as long as they are as complex and well-built as they promise to be.
  • It can be connected with all aspects, from resource farming till sieges, ofcourse it must be not like unlimited resource of NPC or minerals, it's all must be connected, and if u are upgrading nod where u living u can recruit NPC that come to your NOD, and for example soliders will come in the NOD where alote of battles, and workers will come to the nod where alote of work etc.
  • I'm sure that the complexity of the node system will provide sufficient NPC interaction, that alone if well developed will be extremely immersive. Of course, that whilst I said I preferred some other aspects of the game to be prioritized, I would relish in having a more developed system in the game for NPC interaction.
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