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Server Wipes.

Hello all!

So, I'm not sure if the information has been disclosed or not, but I'm assuming there are going to be server wipes with each stage of early access.
My question is, will there be a major wipe the day of the actual release? How will that work?

I ask because one of my current favorite games(Albion Online) has entered their last stage of Beta testing.
I purchased a Founders pack a year ago and was heavly motivated to keep grinding until I found out how severe the wipe was going to be.
Is there going to be some special items or perk or something for the players who participate in Pre-Alpha or beta?

I apologize for my ignorance if the information has already been given.

- Thanks, Bhan


  • not confirmed about every stage, but there will be server wipes at the end of alpha(before live release). and yes beta access has a mount attached. as well as the avatars for KS.
  • (Unofficial) I would say yes.

    The responsibility of Alfa and Beta testers are to test the game. You are rewarded by having early feel for the game and getting a pro foundation of the mechanics of how the game works. How to quickly level up and were resources are at. This alone is a major advantage over other players. If you were aloud to keep your Level, Gear, and Nodes. You would have such a huge lead on everyone it wouldn't be fair.

    However, does this mean you will not be rewarded. Most likely you will still be rewarded. Besides that Knowledge is Power. You may receive mounts and cosmetic Equipment and titles that only testers will receive and can never be achieved again.
  • I can imagine this will follow the standard flow of wipes at Alpha, Beta, then launch. Unless of course they decide to have an open beta and carry over everything from there.
  • For most games it works like that:

    • Closed Alpha <em>(Usually only a couple people get to test the game under NDA(Non Disclosure Agreement))
    -> Wipe</em>
    • Alpha 1-x
    -> Wipe
    • Closed Beta 1-x
    -> Wipe
    • Open Beta
    -> No Wipe
    • Release
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