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{Na}{PvX}{Casual;Semi-hardcore} ~Dawn~ {A guild you'll love, welcome to all!}

“Hello! Nazo(FunEnt) here, I’m the co and this is Dawn! The guild you’ve found has most likely find your interest and I know why ???? Our guild is special, we aren’t a very serious guild, instead were more laid back and chill. We plan on involving ourselves in PvP as well as PvE(PvP+PvE=PvX). We wish to settle up within an economical node and if you don’t know, an economical node focuses on wealth. How much wealth are economy can make. We accept all professions, such as crafter, chef, farmer, anything we can profit off of, since we are planning to have trade be another source of our income. Caravans and such, traveling across sea, making our node to best it can be. A metropolis you couldn’t believe! But don’t think we won’t be able to defend ourselves. I plan on owning a tavern, however I won’t be any push over chef, only the smartest and strongest are gonna make it to the top in this game. So why not join the guild who will be high on the throne? Dawn, is the beginning of a new, the start of the day, and the birth of something great. With your help that is. Won’t you come join us and have some fun? It’s never too early to start anew.”
Please (download) join our discord server and have some fun! (Copy link)


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