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[NA] Rendezvous Solo Guild

I am ripping this quote from Madnacc and his guild idea because I could not have said it better myself. The only hitch was he is going to be EU while I am more focusing on NA servers. So for all you NA Solo players, here you go.

"A guild that does not focus on progression but rather giving those who feel more comfortable outside the masses a place to meet like-minded people.
I noticed a lot of people asking about solo content on both the forums and discord. So I want to create a place (or name) where these sort of players can gather.
You will be able to play just as you always have. There is no need to get involved with everyone all the time.
But should you come across some form of hurdle that proves too challenging for a single player to overcome, you can reach out to those in a similar situation and come together to bring down that wall before each going your own way again.
You want to focus on a specific part of the game, become a master artisan or widely known warmonger instead of a jack of all trades? You can make use of each others strengths and goals. A merchant acquiring materials, the artisan making them into weapons and gear for the warmonger to charge into battle, all in exchange for money and goods, of course.
This guild is not limited to pure solo players either. If you’re a small group of players you’re still welcome. And if you’ve been a solo player but made contacts in this guild with whom you wish to keep playing together, you do not have to leaver either.
Should there be interest in such a gathering, let me know.
Let’s all do our best to create a place where all of us can be comfortable."
- Madnacc

I give you, the Rendezvous Solo Hub


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    Interesting concept - though I think you should write up your own description. I wish you luck!
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    This looks really interesting, and something I would definitely get behind. Is there a way for people to get in contact with you or other people to get more info about this?
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    Not really. We have a year until the Alpha but I will keep updating this page with ideas. It looks like game chat will function through discord so It will be easy to manage guild speak through there.
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    Ahhh ok. Sounds good.
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    I love the idea!  Best of luck Rendezvous :)

    I hope to see more of you as launch gets closer.  

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